How is lid close detected on the FW16?

In basically every laptop I’ve had, sticking a magnet along the bottom will trigger the “lid close” behavior (suspend, hibernate, etc) but I haven’t found a spot on the 16 that does that yet. Is this documented anywhere?

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I haven’t seen it mentioned. You tried along all edges, front and sides? Also check around the power button. On FW13 it’s left side, pretty far up.

Could be the ambient light sensor, maybe?

The lid close detection appears to be on the bottom bezel of the screen. Just left of center.

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Silly question: why would you want to manually trigger the lid closed behavior? Are you just curious or is there a reason to do this? Thanks!

yep, this is it, thanks!

mainly looking for it as a way to turn off the laptop display without going into hibernate - there’s no “turn off the display” option for power button behavior (I think because of standby state stuff?). Couldn’t find any way in software but fake closing the lid works!


I like to put my phone on my laptop sometimes. Depending on how the switch is implemented, some laptops will detect that as a lid-close and go to sleep, so there’s value in understanding how it works.


FWIW the Framework 13 is subject to putting a magnet on the bottom of the computer to go to sleep, like your other laptops. I had a magnetized tray table on an airline once … took me a good minute to realize the computer wasn’t dying, I just have to use it on top of its laptop bag. About 1/2" separation fixed it.

Since FW16 keyboard is QMK, could one of the function keys be reprogrammed as “screen off”? I have seen on some other computers, iirc it was on an old HP or ThinkPad laptop. I think the solution would be related to the discussion at, which says it might need Linux or specific support from the laptop manufacturer. Not possible with other OEMs but seems quite possible with Framework :blush:

There is no keycode which switches the screen off by default. But you can do it just by creating a shortcut in your OS. In linux, xset dpms force off. And just like when the screen goes to sleep / off normally, it comes back with any keypress or activity. Found NirCmd for windows.

I do this with the magnet with my computers when I’m at work or home and use the docking station. I only use the external monitors but I want to have the lid open because of thermal problems. I don’t want to turn the screen of as it is still used by windows.