How many times have you gone to the DIY page and customized a Framework 16?

For those waiting for the reviews to come out before pre-ordering, how many times have you custimized a machine?

I’m referring to this page here.

I think I’m on like 12, maybe more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. It’s too much fun to customize something, pick out all the specs I want, and then close the page. One day I’ll press order, but not yet. Patience is virtue…

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I haven’t kept track but at least a half a dozen times. Although now looking at it again I see they have SD card reader available now.

I’ve already pre-ordered but in the time since ordering I have gone back many times and specced out different configurations (despite having already settled on what I’m getting).

After pre-ordering you can cancel at any time, so if you want to secure a spot in line you could go ahead and pre-order without being committed.

Not on the Framework 16 configurator.

The SD card reader is still under development (the expansion cards are theoretically just big enough for an SD card reader, however no SD card reader currently available is small enough for that so Framework is developing a custom one which takes time).

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I’ve had some fun finding the maximum possible price ($9371 CAD) :slight_smile:

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$9400 CAD is possible if you select two LED spacer modules instead of an RGB Macropad under the input module selection.

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I guess I misspoke. I was seeing the microSD card reader and must have mistaken it for the SD card reader that’s been talked about.

:smile: I’m only on my 3rd pass but the trigger is cocked and my finger is twitching lol. I have to repeatedly remind myself "you can add things later don’t worry… you can add… "

Funny to see this post since I’ve been searching around for any way to save my config so I don’t have to keep starting over, but guess you can’t.

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It’s better that you can’t because they seem to keep adding stuff. If you have a config, you might miss out!

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Same here! :smile:

I see only the microSD unit, which has always been selectable for the FW16.

Just curious - are these setups ‘functional’? Do you include a keyboard or do you just buy as many LED spaces as you can fit? Do you include at least one USB-C module or are they all all 1 TB drives?

You can add it to the cart and it will sit there until you ‘delete’ it. You won’t be charged.

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I configure a 13” or a 16” like once a week, generally to check pricing or configuration options in other regions or some such thing.

Almost never. My 11th Gen batch 1 unit configured with good storage and 64 gb ram more than meets my needs.

It’s paid for, and I’ve had no H/W issues with it. Finally replaced the CMOS battery.

A bigger screen would be nice but my older 17in Lenovo works for that, wish I could replace its battery, though. (Haven’t investigated options on that)

I did price out a 16 when they were announced, too many other things competing for my cash flow to commit money to something not needed.

For similar reasons, I don’t price out new card, but continue to drive my old one.
Plus, the things I hear about new cars making you pay to use heated seats just disgusts me.

When my car needs a repair that I am not ready to pay for, then will see what is available. Same for a new PC.