How to apply the free patch that comes with the laptops?

Sorry if I’ve missed this info or it’s somewhere obvious but, the free clothing patch that comes with the laptops, is it an iron on patch or is it a stitch on? If it’s iron on, has anyone got any suggestions on heat of iron that is needed etc?

I want to try and apply it to my rucksack but don’t want to a) melt my rucksack or b) find out it’s a stitch on patch after I try and iron it on :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone can help as I tried to contact Framework via socials but never get a reply.
Thanks in advance.

It’s just a sticker, unless they changed it. You can put it on any flat surface but not fabric.

Edit: I’m wrong, it’s clearly not a sticker.

This is what I’m talking about. Couldn’t see any way of sticking it if it is a sticker

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this is a newer bonus gift that Framework is sending out, so there may not be as many people on the forum who have it. If no one here knows the answer I’m sure you could reach out to Framework support and they’d be able to give you more details on how to use it!

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Oh! Haven’t seen one of those before! Sorry @OwainCodes!

Umm, would look good sewed on a denim jacket?


I have a feeling its an iron on judging by how the back looks like and feels slightly plastic.

Ye, my thinking was it might be iron on but then the question is then, at what temperature etc. :joy: I think framework might need to issue instructions or at least put more info on the website.

Cool little patch as well. Nice little bonus indeed!

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You can tell iron-on patches due to hot-melt adhesive on the back. Ones I’ve seen are clear or milky white translucent.

It won’t be any different than other iron-on patches. Just google how to apply an iron-on patch.

Use an iron on the cotton setting (around 350°F / 175°C), wait till it heats up. Place a cloth over the patch, then heat with the iron for 30-45 seconds. Let cool for 5 minutes. Of course, if the item you want to put the patch on can’t handle high temps then try at a temperature that’s ok for it, or just sew on.

Personally, I prefer to sew patches on. Then you can remove them later if you ever wish. You can still sew on a patch with iron-on adhesive. I just might not put the item in the dryer on high heat, though not certain if they even get hot enough, I read they only hit 155°F / 68°C. I had one patch where I could just peel off the iron-on adhesive layer.


That’s really good to know - I like the idea of just stitching it on as I want to put it on to a rucksack which I don’t think would like the heat from the iron :slight_smile:

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Ditto. Way easier to do customizations by adding special stitching or other fabric to embellish the patch.

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I also find it easier to trust that my stitching will hold rather than putting faith in an adhesive to keep the patch on.


Yeah. I’ve read at least some say that iron-on can have issues.