How's everyone's [55Wh] battery health and wear looking?

Here it is from KDE Info Center:

Health: 97%
Current charge: 100%
Voltage: 17.53V
Original charge capacity: 55.01 Wh
Remaining energy: 53.13 Wh
Last charge: 53.13 Wh

And here is the output from upower,

native-path: BAT1
vendor: NVT
model: Framewo
power supply: yes
has history: yes
has statistics: yes
present: yes
rechargeable: yes
state: fully-charged
warning-level: none
energy: 53.13 Wh
energy-empty: 0 Wh
energy-full: 53.13 Wh
energy-full-design: 55.0088 Wh
energy-rate: 0 W
voltage: 17.53 V
percentage: 100%
capacity: 96.5845%
technology: lithium-ion
icon-name: ‘battery-full-charged-symbolic’

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Hi @5uie1
Thanks for the detail but how long have you had the battery :slight_smile:

That 3.4% ‘wear’ is relative to the ‘design’ which could have been greater or less than 55Wh

Do you have info on what it was like when you first received it, as I note, records show mine was 3.6% wear on receipt, which could just mean the battery was more like 52Wh to begin with

Hi @amoun, I unfortunately did not check the wear when I received it. I would say I have been using it for about 40 odd days, but mostly on a charger (only on a batter when I have travelled on work).

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Nor did I

I’m using Win 11 updated from Win10 and someone directed to a CLI command which produced a history from Day1

It was in the record that I noticed it over 3% of day one and by time I got aroud to checking, due to reading this topic I noticed the wear was recorded as less i.e the capacity had increased by 251mWh after a week some 0.5%
and consequenlty the wear was ‘reduced’ from 3.4% to 2.9%

2022-02-28 - 2022-03-07 53,175 mWh 55,009 mWh
2022-03-07 - 2022-03-14 53,431 mWh 55,009 mWh

That seems to be rather strange, is this normal behaviour? Maybe something to do with “breaking in” the battery?

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Yes exactly. Batteries are known for such. They have been built and charged once but can take a few cycles to come up to scratch.

It was during this first week and more that I charged and then used for hours. Now I usually use the laptop whilst plugged in :slight_smile:

But anyway the wear goes up and down. You will see from my previous post, a month ago it was up to 7.4% a month ago and today it’s 5.3% ???

It was the 7.4% that got me to completely discharge and charge the battery to 100% a few times.

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Here’s mine from HWInfo, seems to be accurate as I haven’t noticed any degradation on battery. I don’t have any battery limits set in the bios, I do keep it plugged in frequently. So it’s not “charging” but using wall power a lot. That may have something to do with it.

Hi @Matt_Upwood
A couple of queries
a) How long have you had the battery/laptop and
b) what version of HWInfo are you using as I don’t have the last row [Estimated . . . ]
My version is HWINFO64 v7.26 4800


I’ve had the laptop since mid-late September 2021. 11th Gen i5. Same Battery. My version is the same version as well, its odd you don’t have that last row. I think it just mimics what Windows is reporting though. I am on Windows 11.

Those figures are impressive
1.2% in 9 months.

No doubt the i5 helps a bit, though that can’t account for much I would have thought.

It could be that the stories of not charging to 100% may be questionable.

Yes using wall power may be the answer. I’ve been doing that latey so will see how it goes.

Thanks for the upadte.

Suggest folk update to 3.09 BIOS so they can post the cycle counts to give more context to the provided numbers.

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Going to do a full discharge / recharge cycle and see where my battery is at with the wear.

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OK ? Today I have that final line :slight_smile:

As I can no longer update an earlier post I am logging my data at

Yeap! another full charge and let at 100% now shows the wear as 4.4% the lowest it has been since I’ve regularly monitored ??.

If this was a ‘true’ reading and indicative of what’s to come it would be 1% month ~ so at 24% for two years is still above the spiel

However if other readings are correct and the battery was 3% below design then I have only 1.4 in120+ days or 4.5% a year.

These records may be indicative of something but what is clear is that it indicative of vagueness.

Not really related but I was using my laptop with a little constant power usage (say 15% CPU and 40% GPU) and battery drop was 1% a minute (at 80% charge limit). First time I’d really done a little heavier lifting with it.

Quite surprised how fast it dropped. Especially as I have switched off the turbo boost so the highest it goes is 2.8GHz.

Battery of 1hr 20m at 80% ???

How long did you run it for to get a reasonable average as my math shows the possible discrepancies over a 1 min interval.

  • It could be from 79.5 (rounded to 80) to 79.4 (rounded to 79)

  • It could be from 80.4 (rounded to 80) to 78.5 (rounded to 79)

So between 0.1 and 1.9% with only a 5% chance of it being 1%

I’m sure that means something to someone. :joy:

It was dropping around 1% a minute on the several occasions during the work I monitored it.

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Full charge capacity at the moment (after a full discharge / recharge cycle): 52,853 mWh

So that’s at 3.9% wear.
Cycle count: 38

(First powered on: 10 months ago)

@Kieran_Levin, I noticed the following behaviour, not sure if it’s expected by design:
Laptop battery was intentionally discharged, fully, by letting the laptop stay on…till it ungracefully powered down. All good so far. Then, upon pressing the power button, the power button was flashing red, and the laptop didn’t come on. Still good, as expected so far. Plugged in USB-PD expecting it to charge. Came back an hour later. Powered on the laptop. But it’s only at 2% charge. It’s as if the laptop didn’t start charging until it was power on. This was unexpected. (On BIOS 3.09)

Expected behaviour: When the laptop’s main battery is fully depleted, and the laptop can’t even complete a POST, the laptop should be able to start charging the battery when USB-PD is plugged in, with or without the laptop being powered up.

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I have 3% battery wear, daily use since the start of the year for 2-6 hours each day.

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Just adding some thoughts

  • Unless the amount of hours used is also stated it is not useful as a comparison.
  • So mine is twice that in half the time, so 4 times more wear, but I use it 6 hours per day.

Again these figures are not relevant to use.

  • For example if the battery is fully dischraged and charged every day then yes 1000 plus is three years.
  • That’s only 7% in year.
  • I use the laptop plugged in : The drain from the battery is greater than from the supply by design so I could say I use the battery whislt plugged in for some 4 hours a day but this is not clearly related to cycles though it clear is.
  • 48 cycles in less than 5 months: Cycles get shorter each time
  • I have 48 cycles with 5% wear: if that continues it will be 10% in 10 months or 100 cycles in 10 months, or 120 a year and 12%
  • Given the idea of a 20% loss of capacity over 1000 the second year I may max out at 120 + as each cycle is smaller.
  • So maybe 250 cycles in two years and a 25% loss

1000 cycles before 20% ~ I don’t think so

At 4 hours a day (6 x 0.67 for battery drain whilst plugged in) I000 cycles will last me 8 years before a loss of 20%, so highly unlikley…

Ok if my maths are wrong my excuse will be my age.
But the facts are 5% loss after 5 months and 48 cycles down with 6 hours of plugged in use.

Update Aug 11th

For the last couple of weeks I have been uisng the laptop plugged into power for around 6 hours a day. Unsurprissingly and thankfully there is no shown wear. Today I charged to 100% from my usual 78% and as I hoped the wear has recorded a dowward trend. This has happened each time I charge to 100%. Then for a few days after it takes a while to stabalise.

Below is a graph of data from when I received, initially I wasn’t recording data so exptrapolated some from old data.

I won’t annotate the graphs as they are fairly self explanitory.

I don’t think the battery wear information can be very accurate in general, 11 months on my computer shows 2.6% wear at 53577mWh. I never lowered the max charge and use the computer in my classroom 5-7 hours a day from last October through July.

I think these are only accurate to within a few percent, because there’s no way I have lost 1.3% of wear since I posted 6 months ago.

Just thought I’d throw my anecdotal two cents at everyone, anyway. Can’t complain that my battery is reversing it’s wear, but here’s hoping the thing isn’t lying.

HWiNFO64 7.22 (I know it’s old, but I prefer consistency, no sense updating if it works and hardware is unchanged) and Windows 11 on 1135G7 for those wondering.

Edit: corrections above and whoa 100th post. I’m such a child for being excited about it.

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