I DID IT! I built a framework tablet!

Thanks to @whatthefilament and his framework tablet project + instructions, I was able to make a framework tablet using my 11th gen mainboard! :smiley:

…and also a 350mm Voron 2.4 (but I digress).

Anyway, here are some pictures!

My tablet in its current state isn’t the best: the plastic isn’t flat, there is a bit of flex and gaps here and there. The power button lever requires a lot of force to toggle. The issues can all be fixed with a better tuned printer, but I’ll need to spare some time to get around to improve my Voron.

The parts that I struggled with in my build experience was (1) getting a speaker kit (as it is not in stock in US warehouses), and (2) getting the audio board secured in place of the back case. Since I wasn’t able to get a speaker kit, I skipped the that in the build process. As for the audio board, the mounting holes were just slightly smaller than the M3 screw, thus needed “a bit of force” to thread the screw through.

Picture of the audio board with M3x4mm screw

On the other hand, building the tablet was a fun experience! The build process for the tablet was simple and easy to follow. The colored circles and images definitely helped with the build process. “It’s like building a lego!”:tm:

Now I should go sleep.



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Great, congratulations!
I wonder, did you manage to implement the missing touchscreen function (which many hope for)?

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The screen is a USB-C touch monitor sourced from Amazon! it is not the original screen. However the display port connection on the mainboard supports touch input.

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Amazing, well done!

You can alternatively try an infrared touch frame to suit your target size of screen.

Can I buy it from you?

It is possible as Framework PC-Tablet? with good GPU as Nvidia?

If you really want to you can use the nvme slot for a gpu.

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I do not wish to build one for myself. Due I lack of equipment and got personal family issues. I need someone to build for me. Please!?I will buy that PC Tablet Framework. I wish they can make fan noises as silent as quietly.

I am not planning to sell the tablet. I still need to fix my 3d printer for more accurate prints to get the power switch mechanism working. :stuck_out_tongue:

The screen is unavailable so I think replacement is hard to get RN, I really hope they just make a official tablet version of it.

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Theoratically it can be sold. Pretty hyped on a potential framework tablet too (amd + egpu is fire)

We need to wait for the marketplace to be opened for “diy/creators” ?

Hi there! I am wondering if you are still using your tablet? Any tips you can share after using it for a while? Things you would improve? Things that turned out being better than you anticipated?

How do you feel about the size? Do you feel it is just right, or does it feel too large / small?

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I don’t interact with the tablet much, as the power switch is annoying to twiddle around with. As a result, it mainly sits on my desk as an extended remote screen (via x11 on linux).

The size and feel of the tablet is just clunky, but part of the problem with the clunkiness is because of my mediocre print job.

Overall, I’ll say that I enjoy using it as a standalone-screen-extension, but I certainly won’t use this as a day-to-day tablet replacement with how thick it is.