I have a cool cooling idea for the framework team

Ok, if you are not willing to design/do anything by yourself, then i have to say you, it will never happen.

You thought framework could implement that. That’s fine.

But they will not. You would really have to do it by yourself and also design sth by yourself.

i don’t know what is your job in life and why are you so aggressive, i just wanted to share an idea, but looks like in your word it’s not allowed, sounds like the dictator? i believe the point of a forum is to post questions, ideas, share, have a conversation, so if i don’t say what i think, how am i gonna know others think about that, or how am i gonna make others know on something that could or not be a good idea?

i was hopping them to think aboud, most of the people already use dayli some king of extra cooling device

water cooled laptops
and the mythical usb fan that some people use

so why not make it in a more efficient way, it is more than obvious that making a cooling device for a device that does not accept any has an inefficient result, or say it in another way, the gain is to small

Pani, don’t ever be afraid to chat about ideas here — it’s absolutely a great part of the community! There really aren’t any “bad” ideas – some will make more sense than others and that’s OK. In this case what you’re suggesting is definitely going to fall into the category of too-few-people-that-want-it / too-few-people-to work-on-it for Framework to take an active look at it – so it will definitely be something that you need to look at yourself and, if interesting to others, collaborate. And it looks like you’ve stumbled on someone that is interested enough in the idea to put some thought into it, but weirdly interested in putting in a lot of energy to try to convince you that it’s a “bad” idea. Because people are people you’ll get some that mention the technical challenges (or hard roadblocks like is the case here) and move on, and others that stick around and get frustrated by the conversation and want to talk about that more than the technical issue.

I think we’re into that now so I’m probably going to stop watching this one. Good luck!

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Ok, apologize for my rude words. I just think, it’s a bit rude too to just think all others will do it for you, but you are not willing to invest some work for real designs (at least it seems like that).

But to the topic: These kind of laptop-coolers you’ve postet are often really 100% useless. Yes, a lot of them uses them, but as i said, they are often absolutley 100% useless and people think it helps, but it dont. You can read hundreds over hundrets recessions (on amazon for examplr) of bad reviews which says, it doesnt work at all.

Sometimes it can work, but it depends highly on the laptop-design (if there are open holes on the exact right place and how big and so on). And this “air-sucker” are so loud, it is a joke. You could also just set laptop-fans to 100%. Would be better probably.

But again: Yeah, better cooling would be nice, but as i said: Both, the 13" and 16" laptops have their CPU pointing upwards. So your pictures from above will not work. And the 13" has no swappable parts (keyboard). The whole top-cover is the keyboard. And there is always not really much space in height for using heatpipes. For Example the CEO wrote somewhere, there is only a fraction of a mm over the SSD (in the 16" model), so no cooler are possible (you could only use Thermalpads to connect it to the upper surface). So you will not have space for 1-3mm thick heatpipes to route through the whole laptop. Impossible. So you cant go to the backside, you cant route with heatpipes and other possibilities i wrote some posts ago. So YOU would really have to have a very clever idea.

So you need really to think more about. Even if you only want to “make them think about” (and not doing it by yourself). If you bring no ideas, they will not even think a second about it. If you bring a really easy possibility to implement that, maaaaaaybe they think about (but that does not mean, they implement it).

So as long you do not design sth, it will not become true. That’s very sure.

already explained that, i can’t do it, i am not the one to say “change this”, neither i have one to see and measure how, just pictures of it.
Let me try to explane it in a way you may get it and stop the nonsense when you want a house, do you have to make the plans? or just “tell” someone your idea…, or or, if you have some suggestions for someone, do you have to make it work first?.. when 2 or more people that have sort of the same job talk about how something can be done, does the one that makes the suggestion have to first solve the problem, test it in a real environment and then, just then, have he the right to talk about it? when you go to the mechanic, do you have to tell him exactly what and how to do, the parts he have to change and all the litle things in between? or you just say, i hear a click click… i can go on the whole day, way? because its life, if no one says something, nothing will evolve, move, advance, get better. How does things get better, someone make something, then someone else says, why dont you make this ot that, and with each iteration things gets better.

Also already explained why it doesn’t mether where is the source of heat, the same why it doesn’t matter with the actual product. So if you do not get it or are not able to imagine it, it’s not on me to teach you how things work or why with the actual or a new heat pipe is not too much of a problem, so stop pushing the ‘you are lazy’ the same way can i say go educate yourself and come back when you understand what i am talking about

i feel like i will have to make a video or meet you in person to explain it all, from the beginning of time til now and the future, and show i live the things i already explained, or just ignore you since i dont know anymore if you are making fun of me

I don’t believe @pani_alex expects anything to be given away for free.
I think they intend to pay for it.

Let’s keep replies helpful and add to the conversation. Please don’t read into others’ intentions - have a well-informed debate about the matter at hand and don’t attack the person.

This thread is on very thin ice.


To be clear is not like li want them to build something just for me, i like if the idea is good enough that something like this will be a standard, like changing ram, ssd, ports.
Just throw an idea for the team, which i am not part of and therefore can not develop something for the product, and also if i theoretically develop something for a product is because i will be paid for, because i work in the company or because the hired me for that, not for free. I wish i have a job in some research prototyping tech team.

obviously i will buy something i like, but if you mean i will financiate the develop of a product for them to build just one for me?, no, i am not a millionaire, don’t have that much money to waste, and i think they also don’t expect to profit only once from a product, but if i was, i will make my own company, make the product and profit from it, like it

I can’t understand what is the motivation in this forum (i was expecting more a way of thinking of let’s change the word, not let’s find someone to mess with, defame and beat him to death just for fun or because I’m bored) for to take the word idea i said and change it with i demand you to do this for free for me mf, so for the million time, this thread is just an idea, a suggestion for the team to think about, if is good enough to make another feature on their product, if they do not like it, they won’t take it.
But i thought it was worth mentioning it in case no one has had this idea jet, and also it looks like framework is a company more oriented on giving value, not just on giving the minimum possible so that they can say, the product works so pay it and shut up,… so i thought, welding a peace of copper on the head pipe can’t be that expensive to add on the manufacturing side, and or if they think just the copper and all the rest is on you, like cutting the case or on 3er party companies to make new cases and so, and the extra cooling i was thinking in 3ar parties but when a company is big enough seen like they also like to make everything. This king of detailed conversations are made normally in a team or teams (wich i am not part of), in a meeting (wich i have no access) where a group of person asks and discuss how, the pro and contras and sure many more things that only they know

To the moderator, feel free to delete the post since looks to be no interest for the group of persons wanted, just for the bullies and making the world a worse place which is not my objective

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