I love it!

i just wanted to declare how happy i am with my framework laptop! i typically use a unix (freebsd most often then linux).

i haven’t been able to get freebsd working because the supplied network card isn’t supported.

BUT, i’m really impressed by how well it works with ubuntu. the experience is flawless.

i really hope this is the beginning of something big. i’m so incredibly pleased.

here are some things i’d love to see in the future:

  • a trackpoint device like thinkpads.
  • black anodized case

glad to hear that it’s flawless in ubuntu. Which version? 20.04 LTS?

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runnin -hippo on mine.

Could do a diy anodising session!

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Agree. Got mine today after FedEx took their sweet time getting it here. The DIY version went together with hardly any effort and Ubuntu 21.04 installed easily (after I disabled secure boot) and Wi-Fi is working great. A trackpoint would be a nice addition… keeps your hands on the keyboard.