I well love an more modular tablet

I know there are projects of the framework tablet, but it is to powerful to call it a tabled, too power-hungry and too thick
what i would like is something more practical, portable and that lasts more hours like a tablet will do.

What i imagine when i put the word framework before is, a case that has a touch screwed to, behind it a screen, and behind it a board that lets you attach a compute module and has some io.

The problem there is of course arm, because arm and diy dont stick, that is why x86 is the best option ever for diy but not for battery-powered or energy efficience, so until someone makes a better cpu atom like, but less crappy, or hope that soon rics-v gets usable to put it in consumer products and that won’t have close crap drivers, i think is not possible, although taking in mind that there is no option, the n6000 doesn’t looks that bad and amd supposedly is making a more efficient little cpu.

Also because the motherboard will have the more expensive components, the io and buttons should be attached with connectors so that replacing them is cheaper and creates less unnecessary waste, that will also will allow that i print my own case, one that matches my necessities or project. For a project with the spirit of framework it will also be nice that the slot for the compute module is open so that any company can make one and i will get longer support for long-life devices

A thing that also would like to see in a more diy/rtr oriented tablet is more usb, one A and one C seems fair but 2 C sounds better to keep charging while using whatever i plug in. Also the c has to have a display so that i can use it with the tv avoiding tous dead on arrive close ecosystems tv boxes

Obviously replaceable storage, one or better two high io for having 2 os or mirroring, and the same for expanded storage.

If the motherboard uses those cheap pcie v2.0 chips that are cheap, the expansion option can be great, instead of soldering everything to the board, add some m2 slots to add wanted features or avoid unwanted, upgrade wifi, lte for speed or region, add storage, ai, you name it. Some pcie cards have x2 in and have seen to 6 x1 outs, that sounds veeeery nice (one nice thing that brought mining)

Also stop the stupidity of putting the speakers on the back or side, speakers should be for the one that is at the front of the screen. No stupid island that just makes nightmares in order to look “cooler”, that is not inteligent.

The way i see and use a tablet is for looking for things online and not having to go to my desktop or while watching tv, looking for mail on the weekend or on my way, watching videos, movies while traveling/repairing/cooking something. It is basically a very portable internet and multimedia device

I am really holding me from buying one because the options are not good, not rtr friendly and each year they offer less, like cutting audio jack, storage expansion and so

well my wish list is set, now i will sit and wait :slightly_smiling_face: i am looking at you framework :heart: