What if... Framework + surface tablet = Framework surface tablet (or whatever)

OK, so recently I was intrigued by tablet-like devices, mostly because my sister got an IPad and I was doing my own deep dive onto the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets (on my framework laptop). And then I had a revelation, what if framework made their own line of tablets. It’d be so cool to have a modular tablet (and a repairable one at that). And maybe Framework can do something like Apple, with integration on all their devices ((e.g. copy from one device paste to the other)I don’t know if thats possible on a software level, WINS10/11 y’know.) Anyways, thank you for coming to my ted-talk.


Other than changing the direction of the heat sink and fan assembly this looks feasible

Reminds me of something I posted here:

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Hmm! Could be interesting, and pretty plausible even for just a diy, remove the keyboard get a screen extender, put the screen on the keyboard… It fits, problem is it’s not a touchscreen!


so this is a thing now:

but it’s third party. looking at this tablet:

it makes me wonder if the current framework board could be squeeze into a thinner enclosure?

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