Touch screen workaround for Framework- has anyone tried using a portable monitor?

If you’re still scratching your head waiting for a touchscreen option from Framework, I recommend looking into just getting a portable monitor! (First one is called espresso Display and I originally made this thread thinking it was the only monitor of its kind)

But I also primarily made this thread to ask- has anyone already tried using such a setup?

This feels like an advertisement.

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Was about to counter this point by saying how there is literally no market for portable monitors and all of the options on Amazon are of questionable quality (3 stars average rating at most.)

But it looks like things changed since I last looked, so thanks for bringing this to my attention! I changed my original post/title to about external touch displays in general. I originally found the espresso Display also from a Linus Tech Tips video and I was under the impression that it was the only display of its kind/quality

I bought this one a while back. It’s more expensive than the others mentioned but I chose it because it was larger than my 13" screen and was 4K and touch and has a great stand. The company was very responsive to questions and will even sometimes send you free things like a screen protector. I have been happy with it. This is NOT an advert but I see no reason not to pass on the benefit of my own experience. I have no other connection with the company.


I don’t want to come off as the advertisement police, the initial post confused me, because he kept editing the wording and it seemed like a sales pitch disguised as a question, my mistake though.

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All good @David! Also, I haven’t seen that one before @njf. Looks really nice- hopefully it plays well with the Framework!

I have a couple of the Vinpok Split that are touch and a DecoGear that I’ll be trying with the Framework. I find that I only use touch on the external monitors if the main machine has it, so I often forget to use it when working on the MacBook but will utilize it if working with my Chromebook.

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Wait, there are actual users in the wild who received a Vinpok Split? I pledged their crowdfunding campaign when it was active and never actually received anything…

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Asus make quite a few good portable monitors.
There is a couple of other known brand that also make them.

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So I got a NexDock 360: Order Nex Devices | Turn your Smartphone into a Computer and have definitely plugged it in many times for a second screen. Originally I didn’t know that the touchscreen would work so well on Linux without much effort but since then I have plugged it in and took advantage of the touch screen while it was being used as a second screen.

All of these I’ve tried have their own quirks and this one isn’t any different.

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