If you haven't ordered yet, what's holding you back?

What gives you the idea that Framework are flouting EU regulations, which regulation(s) ?

Framework does have an EU marketplace in Germany Since March 2022 but note all laptops and parts still come from Taiwan, so first shipments will come direct from Taiwan. Some replacement parts, and refurbishments, are local, EU or US

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EU warranty law for example. According to EU law if you sell in an EU country, you have to provide warranty in the whole EU, but Framework insist to only support chosen countries.

If Framework were an EU based country, you could sell within the whole EU if you followed the regulations of that single country (which of course follows EU law), so a lot of stuff would get probably easier.


Would you like to reference that statement?

You may find that means if you are a EU company then you have to warranty EU as sales in the EU but it makes no sense to try and force a foreign power to conform to ‘Local’ EU legislation.

I can buy anything from anywhere and the seller doesn’t have to warranty my purchase unless they are in the UK in my case. UK law applies to UK vendors not EU or US vendors.

US laws apply to US vendors

You really think EU laws should apply to the US and the UK.

I didn’t vote for BREXIT but with the idea that the EU laws govern businesses out side the EU then I can see why some people wanted out, still I think that is not the case.


Further: You will note that the ‘you’ in the following refers to countries in the EU only and the warranty may different in each one. There is a dropdown menu to select within the EU which nationality the ‘you’ may be to define the expected warranty.

That’s exactly why I want them to start a EU based daughter company.


So don’t you think they have enough to do :rofl:

I’m sure when they are fit and ready they may do without any demands from the EU.

The only thing holding me back is lack of funds this month - but that will change in a few weeks time, and I will “pull the trigger” and order a Framework 13 :slight_smile:

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My EU country isn’t available but also reshipping is not encouraged.
People wrote about “import once – ship to any EU country” but for some reason it’s still hard to do for FW.

What if my employer or my cousin is located in a country that you support; does this count as reshipping? And what if I would visit them and pick it up myself?

Also what I noticed is that I can’t buy a spare keyboard right from the start. I’d like to do an order and buy a second keyboard or a second screen right from the start. :thinking:

I’m holding back for a 13” Intel variant because of all the talk of high fan noise.
Would love to see a mod for a passive CPU cooling option, or better thermal management.

Also I’d like to see a touch screen option.

The weaker the processor you choose the less fan noise you should have.
So possibly they maxed out the CPU when in reality they could’ve went with a weaker one.

I have a laptop with 5900HX processor and I reduced its power to make it more quiet. It’s a very fast processor for a laptop and it doesn’t last long on battery but then you can actually run several games at the same time, several app servers and it doesn’t even flinch. So you know… this is why the fan starts to spin. And you should tweak the fan and maximum performance to your needs.

This is actually fine. Just realize that any support requests would need to go through your cousin. Employer seems less fine but it might be. Ask support for more details. And you should be able to add additional things to cart besides the laptop. Unless it’s a pre-order.

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It will have to be bought by your cousin with a bank card registered in the supported country, the laptop will be registered to them. They can do what they like with it and give it to you, woe betide it goes wrong once you have it.

Oh. So that ebook reader that I bought 5 years ago in Switzerland was illegal? I paid Swiss VAT for it but it was still illegal? They delivered it to the local address and I can’t go there anymore. And I didn’t use a Swiss banking card.
Also what should I do if I simply rent a flat in Germany and then move into another place? Do I lose warranty if I can’t receive parcels into a place I lived 1 year ago? :smiley: Something is not right with your version.

Does it mean that if I sell a house in Germany and move to… UK… does it mean that I lose all warranties that are attached to my goods?

There’s nothing illegal, you just don’t get Framework support from the USA not an EU associated country.

You can rent a flat in Germany and use a German bank no problem, but when you want support you have to got back to the German falt for the RMA etc.

I’m a bit surprised this seems so difficult to understand.

Maybe I am missing something,

EDIT: for your amendment to your post

If you sell up and move to the UK you will have to sort it out with Framework but both are supported countries so it will not be so difficult hopefully.

If you are genuine I’m sure Framework can work with that, but if you are trying to fiddle by freight forwarding you may have problems.

You seem to be offering hypothetical ways to get a Framework, not very practicle and where do you stop in your arguments?

I simply test whether people operate on assumptions or they actually know.

@Martynas What you aren’t understanding is that Framework is a US company, it has different rules. This forum as seen some variation of “but EU and common market!” many times. It is different for Framework. Accept that please and drop the subject. If you have a relative in a supported country then they can purchase the laptop and give it to you with the understanding that any support will have to go through them. That’s it, end of story, nothing else to say.

And we do know. We have seen this time and time again and seen the same responses from support time and time again.

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So you’re just trying to test people.

It’s clear, you can ask someone in a supported country to buy one, that is someone with a residential address and local bank account. What they do with it after is their problem.

It’s very simple. You on the other hand will not have a valid warranty, they may have. Sort it out with your ‘cousin’ and see what they have to say.

You may want to start a whole new topic I think you have had a good run on this one.


This,- the last 10 posts or so have nothing to do with this topic.

Please lets keep our focus on the main topic.


Lack of a touchscreen was holding us back before but not anymore. We can wait until one is released as an upgrade or swap. We haven’t ordered because preorders aren’t open for the 16" yet, and we don’t know the actual specs available or expected performance.

Our desktop is a 9700k and original 2080, and we’re hoping we can smash that. The 7840HS benchmarks crush the 9700k (genuinely between 30% and 70% more performance) and the 7840U isn’t too far behind for the most part. Hopefully there’s a GPU option with a lot of VRAM and encode/decode power. Would be nice to have an option to really throttle everything and sip power when we want to unplug.

I am once again on this list of “Not ordered yet” because I’m waiting for reviews of the AMD motherboard before ordering. Could use an upgrade simply so that stuff compiles faster. If those turn out fine in terms of performance and battery life (ideally with performance comparisons to the first iteration Framework so I can have an idea of the performance changes) I’m pretty much immediately ordering a kit.

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