If you haven't ordered yet, what's holding you back?

For me it’s mainly these things, ordered from most dealbreaking to least dealbreaking:

  1. No shipments yet to Germany :frowning:
  2. Lack of German keyboard layout but it looks like that comes pretty soon
  3. The price; I get why it’s rather high but it’s still a bit much for me
  4. No touchscreen with stylus and 360° hinge; I’d love to be able to use the Framework laptop as a 2-in-1
  5. My current laptop is still working
    (6. AMD CPU would be cool but I’d be fine with an Intel one aswell)

But other than that this laptop looks amazing and I definitely want to support it!

1- Finances mean I need to wait a year.
2- I need the functionality of a 2-in-1. If a version with a 360° hinge and touchscreen existed, I would be sold and finally ditch my slow 2015 Surface.

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Mostly availability in Europe, but German layout is not a problem for me. In fact, i need something similar to US/Intl. layout anyway.

The main reason I haven’t purchase a Framework Laptop yet is because I wanna purchase a Steam Deck (aka. RDNA2 APU) first.

Beside I already have an old laptop as a terminal machine so I don’t have to upgrade my gear right now. And I want to wait for 12th gen Intel CPU or RDNA2 APU come out. I still remember the pain of purchase an i7-7500U laptop three weeks before 8th gen CPU released.

13 inch is too small for high school
I need at least a 15 inch

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The screen looks too bouncy. Either that hinge isn’t tight enough or the frame isn’t rigid enough. Either way that would drive me crazy. Waiting for them to fix this and then I will buy.

Planning to buy it once I’m back in the US-- currently living overseas but will be moving to the US this summer and will be in the market for a new laptop. This is definitely the most promising one I’ve seen; I’m an avid Linux and FOSS advocate and have been having a really rough time using either on the Surface Laptop (1st gen) I currently have.

Besides that, the Surface Laptop is just about the least repairable device created, and I would very much like to see the other extreme.

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In early 2020, I replaced a 7 year old Macbook Air with a new one. If the Framework had been around at the time, that would have been my pick, but now I have a reasonably new laptop that doesn’t need replacing yet. Granted, resale prices on those last Intel Macbook Airs seem to hold up, so I have thought about going for the swap anyway. Can’t decide how philosophically problematic it is to replace a perfectly good laptop specifically with one made to last a long time and not be replaced…


Editing this post, as I did go ahead and place an order on 08 NOV 2021.

And my wishlist for improvements is now in the Feature Request Megathread.


Watch this: ZEN 4D & ZEN 5 Leak: AMD makes big.LITTLE Cost-Effective - YouTube

I can’t wait to see Framework with AMD chipsets… :kissing_heart:

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In descending order of relevance:

  1. My current laptop is still functional
  2. Money :pensive:
  3. my ideal configuration would be screen only/ tablet with a artist quality digitizer touch screen. It’s great that I can put my laptop into an new chassis, but I want to avoid spending more money and wasting a perfectly good laptop shell.
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  1. Screen size. My current laptop is 14", and I’d need at least that size or 15".
  2. Intel’s Alderlake was announced, and I don’t want to be on the previous generation
  3. A darker color would be nice to have, although not a deal breaker
  4. Matte screen

Posted on this thread previously, but now big.LITTLE and DDR5 are must-haves since I’ll be keeping my config for a while and need it to be as futureproof as possible when I do buy it.
As for reasoning behind this decision beyond just futureproofing (to avoid the “ooh shiny” fallacy) are that big.LITTLE will be important for me to have direct access to as a developer, and the performance uplift is also something that I can’t leave on the table now that it isn’t mediocre gain Y/Y. As for DDR5, I’ve been running BTRFS as my filesystem and the checksumming and error correction that come from that are features I desperately want and need in my memory now, as a lack of ECC an my desktop has caused numerous problems already.

Really looking forward to being able to put my money down to support framework, and can’t wait until that day when nothing is holding me back from saying that buying a framework is the only decision that makes financial sense. I just have to wait for the Framework team to continue to innovate as they have as my financials stabilize to make it possible.

Personally I want a 15" version and honestly more ports. I know several are pursuing the apple model of many usb-c only ports and framework gets around this with their expansion models. still having to choose only 4 means that I would lose nearly half of the ports I currently have in my 15" that’s 10 years old, and one will be dedicated to charging. Ideally I want a laptop that I can use without any docks and with one port being USB-A for my current mouse, one port USB-A for external drives, one port for display out, I am left without any other usable ports if I am charging.

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If you haven’t ordered yet, what’s holding you back?

  1. Limited scope of what settings can be changed in the BIOS: I’ve been hoping there’d be a way (perhaps a separate BIOS version to flash, or a special hotkey to press once inside the BIOS Setup) for people who want to play with i.e. memory timings.

  2. No sales in the EU: since they were supposed to happen “later this year,” and I’m not in an urgent need of a new laptop, I decided to wait and see how things play out.

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Matte Screen (If possible touch display would be a cherry on top.)
option for the bezel and the keyboard color at check out. (at least for D.I.Y.)
These are only 2 things that stopping me from getting one right now.

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What’s really holding me up from making a purchase now is the lack of an additional NVMe and the wacky resolution 3:2 on Linux-based distributions. In addition, would be great if it had i7-11800H over the i7-1185G7.

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Solely the availability in the UK/EU is whats holding me back at the moment. While I would prefer a 15" chassis/screen, Alder lake or even AMD APU etc etc - given the modularity I’m perfectly willing to get an entry level Framework for now and upgrade in whole or in part later if/when new hardware becomes available. Can find a use for the older hardware or even bits of it after any upgrade.

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I just got an email saying ShopMate is shutting down with a recommendation to use https://vpost.com/au/

I line in London England.