Images framework16-defects to correct

Perhaps, but posting it here, shouldn’t require me digging down a rabbit hole. What you post should be relevant to what you are saying. Hence why I am questioning the legitimacy of this thread.


Yes, the beginning of the thread wasn’t exactly elegant. The term ‘defects’ in particular doesn’t fit here. So I can understand your point.

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That was my understanding and therefore I was confused by the original post…
But thanks for the clarification!

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actually man, the videos in that reddit thread made me feel better about my pre-order. The wobble of the screen wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the review videos showed.


Yeah, if I was the OP I would have at least mentioned that there are multiple videos. It doesn’t help that the forum embeds the first video, which is only 3-seconds, where nothing is said, and just shows a nice new FW16.

There are a number of short videos in an Imgur album

Half are either good, like fast boot, good palm rejection, or things the person says are no issue to him. A couple are valid issues imo. One, the keyboard flex, which Framework has already said they are looking into, and in the meantime could probably be fixed by foam tape or a heatsink pad like a reviewer used. And two, the touchpad spacers that can shift back and forth. That doesn’t present well, doesn’t look so nice. But if I recall, the user said they don’t shift unless you try.


OP seems to be unhappy and have an axe to grind. The misinformation is just the cherry on top. I’m fine with deleting the thread.


I have no problem with people criticizing the company but OP has stated before on another thread that they believe FW is a company that wont last/have no future so it seems to me they have already made up their mind about this so I really dont see why they keep making these types of comments/posts


The keyboard/screen flex are clearly going to be two of the things we hear ad nauseum about this machine as more people get their hands on it. Obviously, not something that will bother every user, but both long considered to be an effective (albeit over simplistic) benchmark of laptop quality and construction.

When you think about designing a modular/repairable laptop though, there are just certain areas that you have no choice but to sacrifice in. You can’t realistically expect a machine in which everything is user replaceable to have the same rigidity of something with unibody construction and everything glued together. It’s a much easier equation when you can disregard serviceability entirely.

I’m sure Framework had specific weight/size limits they didn’t want to exceed, and it’s already a pretty large/heavy 16" laptop in this performance category. It makes perfect sense to me that sacrifices like this were necessary evils. Hopefully they–and the community–can come up with some first/third party work arounds for the keyboard flex at least that don’t add too much weight.


For those who aren’t aware, Framework provides files to print a “dummy” expansion card on their github, otherwise there are some community projects like Xenocow’s SNCK Drawer to fill empty expansion slots.


Far easier to just fill it with USB-C ports. Not like there’s a noticeable weight or power saving! If you’re spending $1600+ on a laptop, $9 is inconsequential.


Well. It is the first year production run. That is the price of being one of the first adopters. Some quirks and problems that need, and will be addressed. They always did in the past, which is respectable. Framework is a small company. I am impressed they made it this far, in such a short time, and with so little money in comparison to manufacturers like Lenovo, or ASUS. And even they make products with some quirks…but because they churn out a new product every year, they probably will not do anything to correct it, if it isn´t catastrophic, and smells of a class action lawsuit. As mentioned before, buying some more USB-C or A modules is so cheap in comparison, that ordering a few for reserve is a no brainer. The keyboard flex can be resolved DIY with the LTT version of using some pads underneath the keyboard. And in the production, by adding some more material to the mid plate or grooving to add rigidity (and with the thick pads used by Linux, it is quite obvious, that there is room to add material or grooving). The stiffness of the closing cover is the result of using a magnetic bezel. It would be rigid if glued together (that is how you get the thin and rigid covers). But that would defeat the purpose. And a few years back almost all the laptops had such “flexible” closing covers…and more. I could show you my 10 years old Lenovo laptop I still have in a drawer at work. Never succeeded to break a display on those back in the day. But maybe half a millimetre of material could help, or a change in the construction… Well it is a premium products, but you pay for the modularity, not directly for the good looks. And there is the aspect of small production numbers, which makes the manufacturing more expensive. Hence the higher price. It is like buying hand made shoes. Expensive. But I think still worth the investment. Hope all gets sorted, and maybe replaced by FW for free or a good discount (it is inconvenient, but still fully functional). If I were FW, I would replace those parts that need to be improved for free, to the early adopters. Would be fair.


I suppose you are talking about the flex of the display? Many possible reasons why the display isn’t quite as rigid as on some other machines were discussed in your other thread about screen flex.

I’m curious what you would be willing to consider as a “fix” Framework could implement. For instance, would you be okay with a thicker, machined aluminum top that added thickness, weight and cost? Would you prefer if the bezel was glued in place? I’m genuinely curious as to your thoughts on this. This is the second time (at least) that you’ve brought this up as an issue that you see as “needing” to be fixed. So I’m curious what you’re thoughts are on how they should improve the display rigidity.

Framework has said they are looking into this issue.

Do you have any specifics about how you feel the FW 16 falls short and how it should be improved? I know you linked some videos, but what do you see as the specific issues that you feel should be fixed?

A dummy expansion card might be unnecessary for most people but maybe I could give designing one a shot. Because why not? Might be a while before I make it though depending on my free time or if I want to design it. If I do. I’ll make sure to post it :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what I was thinking initially when I started configuring DIY set. And after considering it came to the conclusion that was already presented here: no real benefit. Extra USB-C ports will be better. Empty card can be printed if needed. And eventually I’ve selected more cards than there are ports to actually experience the freedom customizable ports offer.
I’ve just checked the configuration page for order - in Pre-built configuration you start with 6 USB-C expansion cards. For DIY you get what you select and I like it. Not sure if that’s how it was from the start though.

Hm. FW doesn’t have blank/empty cards for custom/DIY projects, do they? It’d be nice to have the more solid aluminum shell available to make my own cards from, if I go that route for anything. 3D printed is fine, but for a given strength definitely needs some extra thickness which can cut down on internal area.

The screen flex seems less than I expected, the keyboard flex seems too much though. I would definitely fiddle with the spacer wobbling, but the tolerance of everything else seems fine to what I can see.

They do have 3D printer models in their github

Anyone without a 3D printer can use a service to have them printed, such as
Or you can just buy a SNACK drawer.


Thanks, will check out the specs and cadd one up :sunglasses:

You could also download the free version I made! It is just a closed off version of the provided model with the latching lugs increased in material. So, a blank card.


Cool, thnaks! :sunglasses: Moooo!

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