In sleep mode after a period of 5-10mins I get "default boot device missing" screen

I am able to start the laptop with no problems.

When I put the machine to sleep myself I do not get the following behaviour.

However, if I set away from the machine and leave it to go into sleep mode as per the power settings it will enter sleep but after a period of being asleep (5-10mins I haven’t timed it but its not longer than that) I get a BIOS type screen with a blue box in the middle with the message “default boot device missing or boot failed” etc.

I only get this message after the machine puts itself to sleep. No other time.

It boots up and runs as expected. When I get the message I simply reboot the machine as per normal. I do not have to do anything like select the boot device.

Aside from this I do not have any issues with the laptop. (Except for fan noise when playing games - I figuring that is normal - I’ve migrated from a MacBook so not used to fan forced cooling)

I have checked under BIOS and the SSD is listed as 1st boot device.

Anyone got any ideas about this behaviour?

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Which SSD? Could be this issue.

Brilliant. Thanks for your prompt attention. I’ve done the firmware update. If you don’t hear from me that means it has fixed my issue. Good day

It’s been around 8 hours, is that a good sign? :slight_smile:


Yep. All looks good now. Behaving well. Thanks for your attention

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