[IN TICKET] BSOD Windows 11 Loop

I bought the Framework Laptop DIY Edition (12th Gen Intel® Core™) for my son. We put Windows 11 on it back in November. All was good. Two days ago, it went into a BSOD loop. Nothing helped but reinstalling Windows. Today, another BSOD loop.

Automatic Repair couldn’t help it but made a file.

The file (C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\StrTrail.txt) says at the bottom:

Root cause found
Bugcheck c0000021a. Parameters = 0xffffdb8fe9110e90, 0xffffffffc0000020, 0xfffdb8fe9158310, 0x0.
Boot critical file is corrupt.

Repair action: File repair
Result: Failed. Error code = 0x57

I suspect I could reinstall but I think this will happen again, what do you think the root cause is?

I’d say SSD has an issue. I’d realistically say reach out to support, but a question, what drive are you using and did you completely format the drive before reinstall, if you did not I’d suggest doing a format and then try again. If that doesn’t help as I said, reach out to support

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