[IN TICKET] EMails to Support broken?

Hi all.

I am currently trying to resolve a support issue and it is basically impossible since it seems that email to the support is broken in all kinds of manner.

Framework: Please take this seriously and check your infrastructure. It has serious issues that have the chance of harming your reputation quite substantially.

Some weeks ago I tried to get a replacement for my overheating fingerprint sensor. It took weeks (and sidechannel-communication via this forum) to figure out, that Mails from my work email just disappeared after our mailserver had delivered them to framework. We then switched to my personal mail address that worked flawlessly apparently.

Now I did receive my replacement part (thanks) but wanted to clarify some questions before installing it. And now I get replies to my mails (from my personal address) that talk about incomplete messages. It seems that my bog-standard plain-text-only mails get messed up in the framework infrastructure.

LaMa wrote:

Thank you for reaching out to Framework Support. We sincerely apologize for the
delay in our response.

It seems that you have sent a prematurely composed email response, Please check
your message, make sure it’s complete, and send it again.

I then replied with basically the same message again and got a reply from Nathan who wrote

It seems like your email wasn’t sent properly. We’re still not seeing the body
of your email.

Seriously, what is going on there?

Please evaluate your message processing, something is seriously broken.


I wonder if the mail system correctly deals with the traditional quoting method of using "> " on the start of the line, or if it discards everything after it first encounters this marker.


@Twistgibber please look into that, that is really quite frustrating. Thanks.

@Simon_Budig There are currently no known issues and we’re handling hundreds of tickets without issue at this time. I can assure you our system is not broken, but we’ll look into your very specific case.

Since my last in-ticket response - where I carefully removed the "> " quote marks - seems to have worked it indeed seems that something on your side is broken regarding this quoting style.

To answer your in-ticket-question regarding my quote style:

  • I write pure text/plain emails, no multipart/alternative-html stuff.
  • I use the - by now maybe somewhat old-fashioned - inline reply style:
    – a line initiating whose Mail I quote
    – quoted lines prefixed with "> ".

In my mail this looked like this:

LeMa (support@frame.work) wrote:
> It seems that you have sent a prematurely composed email response,
> Please check your message, make sure its complete, and send it again.

Ive checked my outbound mails and I am unsure what makes you think
that. However, let me repeat my question:

Again, this is all plain text.

Judging from your screenshot I kind of suspect that your help system, that apparently presents a mail thread in the style of a chat session is trying to trim “unnecessary” quoting.

I consider that broken on your side.


I’ve responded personally to your ticket and will take this offline. As this is the only report of this, we’ll have to investigate independently.

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