[IN TICKET] Shutdown and dual monitor issues

Hey there fellow framework owner,
I have a problem with connecting my monitors to my framework. I have tried the following:

  1. A clean boot
  2. a driver update/refresh
  3. windows update
    Additionally, I have been having a problem shutting down my laptop without the use of the power button. I have used the windows button>power button shut down and that doesn’t work so i have to push the power button in order to shut it down properly. I will keep it on for the next couple of days in order to see what the problem with it is. I hope this doesn’t come off as bratty or spoiled… Thank you.

Hey there =)

I guess you have to be a little more specific about the cases where it does not work:
Is the StartMenu → Power → Shutdown button inside Windows not shutting down the device?
Is closing the lid not shutting down the device?
Or is it something else?
Does the FW react in any way if you do these things?

How are your monitors connected to your FW?

Make sure you have installed the correct driver packages.
There are separate packages for 11th gen and 12th gen

Hey! Thank you for replaying!

Basically, I am unable to use my monitors at all. The Framework doesnt recognize them no matter what I do.

I will try to install the packages again. Thank you for that.

Currently, I am using a psuedo triple monitors setup. (with the FW monitor hooked up as well. Usb C and HDMI

A few more questions to help with troubleshooting:

When you try to do a soft shutdown (using windows instead of the power button) do you get any error messages or does the computer just not respond at all?

Is this a Prebuilt system with a copy of windows loaded from the factory, or is this a DIY/a fresh copy of windows that you installed?

What is/are the brand(s) of monitors you have connected?

It definitely does sound like it could be driver issues. (12th gen driver bundle is HERE for reference. If the driver reinstall doesn’t work, I would also recommend trying to use the monitors in different expansion ports (moving the expansion cards as needed) to see if the issue could be centralized to certain ports. You could also try plugging your USB-C Monitor directly into the port that the expansion card plugs into to make sure you don’t have a bad USB-C expansion card. Finally, if you have a dongle or adapter for HDMI instead of the Framework Expansion card to see if your HDMI card is bad.

If all else fails, it may be time to contact support and see what they think.

It is a prebuilt system with windows loaded from the factory. I have already done a clean install of windows though.

Im using a HDMI cable on the left side with an LG 24ML44B monitor and a USB-C Cable on the left side with a Sansui ES-24F1 monitor.

Lol I actually plugged my expansion card into my Macbook and managed to get it to connect to monitor and display the screen. Additionally, I get a signal from the hdmi port, just no display.

Definitely try reinstalling the driver bundle if you haven’t already, if that isn’t it, hopefully support can figure it out! Good luck!

This is the current status.

definitely seem like its time to get support involved. Either you’re getting the most niche windows bugs of all time, or you may have had hardware issues from the start.

I don’t think it was hardware i think its software related. Out the box it was working really well, but after a while it started to show signs of decline as far as the features, not entirely sure why that is.