Input connector shim - for power switch, USB 2.0 and LEDs

Almost certainly option 1

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Here is my modified version of this project:

Wired up for my specific needs (So USB with 5VS + on/off button with LED) to a 8 pin low profile FPC.

It is worth noting that JLCPCB will allow ordering of the mezzanine connector in a moq of only 10 at just under $2 a part. (JLCPCB Part #:C3643393). So these can be ordered fully assembled from JLCPCB.

It should be fairly trivial to add extra pinouts with a bigger FPC connector if you so desire.


Hi Josh, can you upload a photograph of your version of the input shim & any further info either here or to your website please? Thanks

Can the shim provide up to 500 mA at the 5VS pin? I’d be curious about trying it with a simple USB 2.0 hub.

I believe so. The FPC cables are typically rated for 500mA, and the pins on the mezzanine connector are also 500mA.

I am actually connecting the USB on mine to a 2 port version of this PCB usb hub: Tiny USB Hub - 4 Port – RETROCUTION and it works well, I have a USB touch screen and a Arduino Leonardo Beetle attached to it.

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Hello, I’m looking in to ordering some of these boards for myself as part of a Home Server project, but I’m very new to all this and having some trouble ordering the boards from JLCPCB. I was able to get the Gerber and BOM from your OSHWLab post, but they are also asking for a CPL file as well that I cannot seem to find. Can you provide this, or help me understand where to get it from OSHWLab?

The CPL file is the ‘Pick and Place’ file. I have only ever done this from EasyEDA designer, which you should be able to import the oshlab project into.

You are likely to have to order the mezzanine connector to your jlcpcb account before you can get the boards made.

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Thanks! I have pre-ordered the mezzanine connector like you mentioned, appreciate your help!