Intel 12th Gen Batch 4 guild

They took my payment on the 4th and it arrived on the 12th.
If you haven’t already you should check out the spreadsheet which has the dates for quite a few Australian orders.

It has arrived, the fun and games are about to start…

Update: that would have to be the fastest Ubuntu install I’ve ever seen. Very impressive so far.


How long did it take from the photo to running and ready to install OS?

I didn’t time it as I took my time setting up everything and exploring the bios settings. From the end of manual partitioning to a full working desktop seemed like only a few minutes, very fast.

I’d guess from photo to desktop about an hour.


Seems like most Canadians in batch 4 got their “preparing order” email, today (now yesterday). Exciting stuff!


Got mine a day earlier yesterday but have been too bugs to do much with it! :sob::sob::sob:

Installed Ubuntu 22.10 beta and was immediately hit with this issue but at least it’s being looked at for the release.

Now I just need to copy 0.5TB over from my old laptop…

Yeah so fast, hey!

In fifteen years on linux never seen that before, it was real slick fast. I like the feel and look so far. I set up a dual boot partitioning scheme and am yet to install Xubuntu on the back 235GB of the SSD. More fun for tomorrow :sunglasses:.


I guess you got my extra day, Mine is arriving a day late (today)… hopefully.

Edit: I just got a text that my framework is waiting for me for when I get off work, this is going to be the hardest few hours I think


Received preparing order email today, I am so happy it’s happening :partying_face: :tada: :tada:
Hopefully I’ll have it it by next weekend-ish? :crossed_fingers:

happy for everyone getting their framework this week, looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts after few days/weeks with it.


The fun is done :slight_smile: , the dual boot is finished …

Everything is working very well so far. I’m not keen on touchpads usually but this one seems ok. Though I did end up connecting a wireless mouse and keyboard for easier usage.

After an hour or so of constantly rebooting while setting up the grub screen (importing a lot of files/details off my other laptop via bluetooth etc.) the machine is running pretty cool. Temps are holding in the low to mid 40s.

This looks like it’ll end up as a “daily driver” here. All very smooth running here so far.


I expected windows as second OS, but no, its ubuntu lts, love it.
any compatibility issues? does everything works out of the box?

These are light use temps?

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@Cipher, the top entry is Ubuntu 22.04 (gnome), the second that registers as ubuntu is actually Xubuntu 22.04.

I haven’t set up the fingerprint reader (don’t intend to either) but everything else seems to run as expected OOTB. I’m using fractional scaling without a problem for example (Edit: gnome only, yet to work this out in Xfce). I do have a lot of tweaks to do, things like the “fn” and F# keys need adjusting otherwise things are running smooth at this stage (very early days).

I’m keeping loads quite light at the moment, I’m still in the setting up stage on 2 ubuntu OS’s. Constantly rebooting was the biggest heat concern yesterday when I posted that. Then again I’m in a hottish climate around 30 degrees Celsius, it is running quite good as such; I was expecting to see a bit closer to 50 degrees Celsius instead. Seeing most in the low 40’s was a pleasant surprise. I am yet to give it a more thorough testing under heavier loadings.


you can never have enough linux distro installed lol

I’m with you there, I think it’s cool and convenient, but I don’t find bio-metric security to be safe enough. I did read, this sensor FW is using can only register fingerprint for one OS at a time.


These are good temps, intel chips are designed to take alot of heat and be fine, but this is a good thing when workload is light-ish.

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Yes that is what I settled on after testing 125% first.

Edit: with a 17 inch laptop cooler pad [5 fans] underneath a 16 core stress test was run (4 minutes). The first 2 cores maxed out and triggered the CPU cooler fan and then settled in the high 80’s; all the other cores ran temps in the 70’s and 80’s (Celcius)

I am definitely going to be running this most often on a laptop cooler stand. It has heaps of video transcoding work to get through. This is looking good if I can hold those temps over many hours working.


Still waiting for that payment/shipping email… Has anyone from the UK gotten their batch 4 laptop shipped?

@yetiman_64 laptop cooler is surely helping keep it under 90 when hitting all cores, I like what I’m seeing.

If you look at the spreadsheet you can see shipping to UK few days ago, as well as other EU countries. Expect to get those emails soon.


Yeah I’ve set the UI scaled to 150% also (and fonts an extra 1.05% on top of that) so that both apps are comfortable to read and the workspace isn’t unusably small.

I’ve just spent the last few days playing whack-a-mole with all the non-native apps like Signal and Steam to make them not show up blurry, but it’s getting there.


Looking at the spreadsheet, it seems batch 4 orders from the US are delayed. There’s a rumor that some parts have been held up in customs. Any news?

All Batch 4 orders should be fulfilled by end of October early November, if we consider Batch 3 as a rough estimate.

The spreadsheet is crowd sourced, don’t take it too seriously other than general idea of when to expect things to happen.
If you are concerned, check in with support. They should give you some idea when to expect your laptop.