Intermittent Frame Drops

Has anyone else had issues with frame drops on their framework laptops? Every so often I randomly get frame dropping that seems to be browser indepedent. Doing a test with during this time ends up showing failures. Tried updating my intel graphics card driver manually to no avail. Reboots also do not resolve the issue. Eventually resolved the issue by changing the laptop monitor’s refresh rate to 48 then back to 60 a few times.

This could be related to Panel Self Refresh, which you can disable in Intel’s Graphics Command Center.

Thanks for your reply NRP! That cleared up the issue for a while but the issue has resurfaced. Not sure exactly what is causing it. Will continue to update this post with any other findings.
I did notice this results from the TestUFO Animation timing deviation. Seems to be a very consistent spike in lag.

Issue is resolved at the moment by uninstalling my EGPU graphics card driver for my Nvidia 970.