Intermittent Video Artifacts under Windows 11

I have a 12th gen i5 DIY laptop. Under Windows 11 Pro, the screen shows horizon lines at random positions for a split second. This doesn’t happen all the time. It happens when I am typing on the laptop on a fixed desk. I don’t think it is motion related. The screen also randomly goes black for a split second too. There is nothing else installed on the laptop under win11.

I installed ChromeOS Flex on a 250GB module. ChromeOS doesn’t seem to have the issues. PopOS seems to have other graphical glitches, but not sure if that is just the current build.

The laptop has Crucial RAM 2x16GB DDR4 3200Mhz and a WD Black 500GB NVMe SN770 Gen4 PCIe. I also removed the NVMe drive and ran windows 11 from the 250GB. Same glitches.

Any suggestions? Thank you. Happy holdays!

I am getting this too with my brand newly delivered 12th gen

Does this happen on Linux as well? Just trying to rule out if Windows 11 has faulty drivers/settings.

@JohnForth Are you using the Framework Drivers for 12th Gen Intel Core located HERE? If you are, can you try removing and reseating the display cable connected to the laptop to see if that resolves the issue for you? A step-by-step guide for how to do this exists HERE on Step 6.

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Do some images look this this?
I am running Pop OS on my 12th gen, and have been seeing a lot of weird image display glitches like this.

Edit: I should note that my issue may be isolated to MS Edge on Linux, though I vaguely recall seeing similar issues under Vivaldi too so may be Chromium related/perhaps HW accel related?

I have just had the worst of it, I will say that Edge Chromium (official debian release) does seem to be related as having a browser window full screen on the laptop display, and having a 2nd display connected via the HDMI card causes a few pixel lines worth of glitch at the top of the laptop display. If I minimise Edge and open file browser and make that full screen, no glitching. So again, people who are getting graphical issues, are you using chromium based browsers?

Is there any updates for this? I am having a very similar issue

I loaded the driver’s from the link above. For windows everything worked fine after loading the drivers.

My relative’s laptop, the Asus X1502ZA model, has had a similar issue. It required two motherboard replacements to resolve.

Whenever the Intel graphics card driver is installed, the text and images on the screen become distorted. Even with the latest Mesa graphics driver on Arch Linux, the same issue persists.

However, when using Microsoft’s basic display driver or in a pure tty environment on Linux, these problems do not occur. I suspect that some batches of Alder Lake processors may have hardware defects in their integrated graphics cards.