Internal mic has stopped working

As of a few days ago, my internal mic is no longer working. I’ve tried flipping the switch on and off and rebooting the system. Also double checked the input device was set to Microphone Array (Realtek(R) Audio). Before I try taking things apart, anything else to check?

This is a pre-configured Batch 1 laptop running Windows 10 Pro.

It may be a loose connector that in use and moving the laptop around has finally disconnected enough to cause issues. I would look at the information about how to replace the screen… As it talks about the connectors of course.

This sounds similar to an issue I’m having recently on Windows, which I believe to be a driver issue (still unresolved). In my case, my mic works perfectly fine in Linux, ruling out any hardware issues.

Do you feel confident enough to make a live USB of a linux distribution like Ubuntu? That would be an easy way to test if your mic itself is still good, without having to take the machine apart.

This guide is fairly decent. If you do go down this route, it’s F12 to get into the boot menu on a framework.

Obviously this won’t help resolve the issue directly, but ruling out hardware issues would be a good step.

Quick update. It’s a very busy couple of weeks and I’m on my computer for calls morning to night, so been having trouble finding the time to do any troubleshooting. The system does seem to recognize the mic, only at very low levels. When I test by speaking fairly loudly into the mic it only registers as 2 or 3%.

I like the idea of creating a Linux USB boot disk to test, but realistically that will take me a couple of weeks before I have time. I’m thinking driver issue as well, particularly if others are seeing similar problems in WIndows. Have you made any more progress on this?

I had to go into windows audio settings and up the gain. I also tweaked the gain up, and some cases down, in individual apps.

Works great now… And is Very hot mike…

[windows home, i7-1165G7 DIY]

I upped the gain in Windows audio settings and it now shows response. But so far no apps are working, neither Zoom, nor Google Meet, or Teams with the mic. I’ve gone in and tried tweaking the settings in the individual apps with no success. I’ve also verified in Windows settings that apps have access to the microphone.

Even worse, my Bluetooth headset mic stopped working yesterday. I’ve been forced to take meetings on my phone, which is a bad experience. All of this worked just fine for the first 6 weeks or so I had the computer, not sure what changed or how I might roll it back.

Maybe try uninstalling the drivers for the mic (Device manager > Audio inputs and outputs > Right-click microphone > Uninstall device). Then reinstall drivers with the driver bundle.

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Very belated reply on this (sorry!) But wanted to say that the driver bundle worked. I’d been looking for individual drivers and had missed entirely the driver bundle.