Is the 12th Gen i7-1260P with 2666 DDR4 ram

I’am getting my 12th Gen next week and now starting to get all the last pieces. I did not order it with RAM, since i have 32GB (2x 16GB) from my previews E490.

I can see that the specs are suggesting DDR4 3200 RAM, the question is, can i still go with my 2666 sticks?

It is an

  • CT16G4SFD82666 (C16FD1) (16GB DDR4 2666 12V/CL19) by Crucial
  • S10MA2092432877409 (16GB 2rx8 2666V) by Samsung

I found couple of mentions about running 3200 on 2660, but not using 2666 directly.

I assume, if it works, i just have a lower memory bandwith, the CPU bus is sep. and thus the CPU runs at it’s usual clock, right?

Thank you alot.

Yes. The CPU will run at it’s usual clock. Performance will be hit by the lower memory bandwith though.