Is there a product roadmap

I would love to buy a framework laptop, but my main personal laptop use case is gaming. It would be great if there was a public roadmap of your future milestones or at least the priorities that you are working towards over the next year+

I would love to have an idea of how long I would be waiting…

Huge fan, would really like to purchase my next laptop from you.


I would be willing to bet that they have a gaming laptop on the product roadmap absolutely. It’s the perfect use case for an upgradable system. Gamers need to have the latest and greatest hardware so being able to upgrade it makes perfect sense even more so than an office user. So yeah they got a gaming laptop in the pipe.


although that would be nice, unless they’ve explicitly said so, I wouldn’t get too hyped about ‘upgradeable gaming laptop’ being in their pipeline. Don’t forget the MSI GT80 scandal. 17 and 18" laptops, with 230W Power supply, and upgradeable mxm cards with guaranteed 2 years of upgradeability. gtx 10xx series drops, msi drops all plans to offer mxm upgrades, and does a limited time full laptop replacement program, claiming “excessive power requirements” of the new cards.


Neat idea! What could be amazing are:

  1. Roadmap for products release
  2. Roadmap for country release

(we are waiting to upgrade to Framework laptops in Israel :kissing_heart:)


As I just replied in another thread, Framework needs to communicate more about its development and progress, as many are only guessing without much confirmation or releases to rely on.

I’m in the same boat where my current daily workhorse is showing some issues. And I am between different questions such as should I try to fix it and wait for possible 15" Framework model next year, or if that is not in the plans, I know I can start looking for another device from another manufacturer.

If Framework doesn’t say anything, I’d have to go with what is known and not wait on hoping etc.


It is a very fine line on communication when a company is at this stage.
If they talk about ANY future model plans they run the real and significant risk of Osborning themselves.

For gaming, if the CPU is strong enough, does an external GPU via thunderbolt do the job for you?

Also, my 0.02€ is that they may be wanting to leave some space for other companies to join and form an ecosystem around the component designs, eg making a NUC type device using re-purposed motherboards, or external monitors from upgraded screens.


What’s osborning?
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The correct term is actually The Osbore Effect where a company kills sales of the current product by talking too much about a future product update


Does anyone know if there is a roadmap or if there’s one coming?

I know it’s sometimes better to not promise anything but just like maybe publishing the data of interest by country would be cool too if there isn’t one.

I’m really interested in what expansion cards might be on the horizon, but other than the RJ45 adapter (which I’m really excited for) there isn’t really any hinting to anything else like features or estimates.

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My use case for a gaming laptop is to take it to LAN parties and such, I’d prefer to use a full desktop for gaming on a discrete monitor and GPU. But then, I’m also a weirdo who has a full stable of computers at this point.