Is there a replacement cable for the framework display?

The official framework 13" display in the marketplace comes with a 40 pin eDP cable to connect the display to the motherboard and this cable is not sold separatly. My question is, is there a way to get this eDP cable (from a 3rd party)?

In Unofficial Guide to Aftermarket LCD Replacement I learned that the display is also known as the BOE NE135FBM-N41. BOE sells different screen sizes that have the same 40 pin eDP connector (like the 15" NE156QUM-NZ3). This 15" screen is perfect for my usecase and is hopefully a (relatively) safe bet, because it is succesfully tested by DIY perks [1]. But i can’t find this display with the eDP cable.

Where can I get a 15" BOE display with 40 pin eDP cable or are there any possebilities for cables that might work? Maybe from the manufacture, framework or a 3rd party?


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The 15" display will not fit, but I am working on a path to make cables accessible to anyone as I will be able to manufacture cables myself.

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To be clear, I know that only the framework 13" screen will fit in a framework 13 laptop, but I want to build something simular that the Triple-Screen Laptop from DIY perks.

Amazing that you be willing to manufacture the cable! That would help me (and many others) a lot. How far are you in the process of developing the cable? Keep me updated if you have a working product you are ready to sell!

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The eDP cable is now available in the Marketplace: Framework


@nrp Don’t know if this an error but it’s showing up as $0


It’s showing $15 for me. Now at least.

Region specific? Still showing as $0 on the Canadian one

Sounds like it.
I can’t even view the page with my region set to Canada. I can view other parts, but loading the eDP cable page forces my region to change. Using Firefox.

Yep, Canadian region shows $0 for me too. Chromium browser worked.

They better get on it if they don’t want a bunch of free cables going out. Can get to the order page with no issues.

Thanks for flagging that. We’ve set a price for Canada and are double-checking the prices for other countries.

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In the USA here. I tried to order this very cable, because I believe I pinched mine last time I opened the laptop (display backlight temporarily stopped working), so I want a spare. I can add it to my cart, but unfortunately cannot continue to checkout:

Sorry, we only have stock of that item at our non-US warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.

I’m hoping I don’t need to order an entire new laptop in order to purchase a $9 replacement part for my existing laptop. :upside_down_face:

Good news, marketplace appears fixed, I was just able to place the order!

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