Is there a setting that is preventing my other Windows 11 PC from networking with my FW?

I have been trying for days to get my other windows 11 PC with the same windows account to be able to open my shared folder on my framework.
I can open files on the desktop with the framework, I can see the FW on the network with the desktop but cannot connect. The accounts being used are the same MS login and password. I am on the same WiFi network, I have tried disabling the Credentials and removing the cache.

I am hoping there is some BIOS setting I am missing or a driver.

Any help appreciated!

I can now open the folders but can’t save any files to them.
I removed the password requirement but it changed only visibility…
10 minutes later, Can’t open the connection at all. but can still pull files from my desktop to the framework…
Which computer do I need to reinstall Windows on?


Well if anyone has this problem…
Turn off windows Hello, delete your login pin, login with your password then you can turn on Hello and make a new pin.

For some reason, if you have a MS account, you can install windows using a pre-existing windows account by entering a confirmation code from an email and never enter a password. And guess what? Yes, you guesses it, you can’t share files without a password linked to your windows login.

Thanks for wasting a week of my life Microsoft.

Edit: if I could use Seriff Affinity photo and designer with linux, I would be using Linux.