Is there a way to use MacBook magsafe era (2015) chargers?

I’m curious if there is an adapter (either internal or external) that makes it possible to use magsafe chargers from around 2015:


I’m aware of this awesome creation, but I don’t think it’s the same adapter?

And this discussion seems on the right track… but I have several chargers (3 or 4) at home in this 2015 style and I’m hoping to not have to replace them, nor have two types of chargers at the sofa, the bedroom, etc…

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Sure, but you will need the following two things:

  1. A MagSafe Socket. You can easily steal one of these from an old motherboard. (I don’t know if any additional logic circuitry is required for the Magsafe voltage to actually be output, but I believe not).
  2. A conversion circuit which converts the Magsafe DC to USB Standard. Basically the electricity itself doesn’t change, but it needs to output only 5v@500ma to start, and wait for a signal from the computer before raising the voltage.

The reverse is much more common, for example this one, which takes USB-C input and outputs DC voltage that you could use to run… whatever, a fan or something:対応-eMarker内蔵-USB-トリガーデバイス-全PDO電圧設定スイッチ付き/dp/B09FYVBRD8/ref=pd_sbs_2/356-8041206-6381137?pd_rd_w=S7mnJ&pf_rd_p=dd0e5738-5781-4e32-b73e-998b011dad01&pf_rd_r=TJVPRXJG0TKEQMQ20KT4&pd_rd_r=d55eac7f-e5b3-463f-b987-d7b1d230abe8&pd_rd_wg=8Peb5&pd_rd_i=B09FYVBRD8&psc=1

There are also pre-made cables to do the reverse of what you want:

Thanks. I think this is what I’m looking for, but it would so cool if it were a framework-style expansion card instead:

Love how it’s branded an “iWiner” haha

FWIW, the iWiner “MagSafe to USB C Adapter” does not work. It connects, but there is no charge passed through :frowning: