Issues with 5ghz connection

I recently set up my DIY edition framework laptop and loaded Fedora 35 on to it. Love the feel of the laptop and, being a Ubuntu user before, switching over to fedora has been a blast.

I have ran into one issue though and I was hoping the good people of the Framework community could help me figure it out. Ever since I booted up my laptop I haven’t been able to stay connected to a 5ghz wifi connection. I can connect to 2ghz just fine, and it is stable, just with the downside of having the speeds of 2ghz.

This issue occurs no matter how close or far I am to the router, and only happens on my framework laptop. My laptop can see the 5ghz network just fine, and I can connect to it and use it for about 5 seconds. At this point it drops and I can no longer connect to the internet using the 5ghz connection. If I switch back over to 2ghz it works just fine.

I’ve already tried reseating the antenna on the wifi card and reseating the card itself. I’m not sure if this is firmware issue, if I have a faulty card, or if something might be wrong with the 5ghz antenna on my device.

Any help is much appreciated, thank you all in advance!

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Hello. You may try to check the following Knowledge base for a guide on WiFi related issues


Also make sure you are using the latest BIOS which is 3.07


Hi Brent. Thanks for those resources.

I went over the steps listed and updated my bios, but I still ran into the same issues. After that I determined that it must just be a faulty component, so I ordered a replacement wifi card from the framework store and that seems to have fixed the issue.

Thanks again for your help with my troubleshooting!

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