Keyboard dead

I am back now 1 week later. I installed a new touchpad cable and added 3m tape. I re-did my USB with the OS. I now can see a black screen asking to choose from:
*Start linux mint,
*Start linux mint compatibility mode
*OEM install (manufacturer)
*Check integrity of medium
Unfortunately my keyboard, including arrow keys and F keys and enter keys do not light up or work. I am unable to install operating system at this point.
Do I assume my keyboard is shorted out and order a new input cover kit?
I recently watched a couple of YouTube videos featuring framework. My keyboard never looked like that. No backlighting, ever.

Possible check if the connector is in fully? I doubt the keyboard would be broken.

Edit: Try maybe also using a external keyboard for troubleshooting.

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I’ve checked and rechecked everything. Reseated storage, memory. Checked every cable and bracket. I think I need a whole new input cover. I do not feel confident trying to replace the keyboard only.

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I wonder if I should try the Main Reset.

Prob a good idea if it was working before it stopped working.
Careful though. It’s fragile.

I was never able to use the keyboard. There was no backlight observed, except a tiny light on the caps lock key. That was the only thing that made me think is was on, and then that quit too. If the reset doesn’t fix it, what would you reccomend for my next action?I’m kinda feeling like I bought a Tesla and when I hit the gas it just sat there. :smile: Continuing the discussion from Keyboard dead:

I recommended Framework to a friend in France, @SusanSez, and her keyboard appears to be dead on arrival. If you’re still around, can you tell us the rest of the story?


Hi Chris,

I just saw your email.

To answer your question, I went through some troubleshooting via guides that the forum folks referred me to. The troubleshooting guides were very clear with pictures.

Ultimately, I contacted support by email. They asked some questions on what troubleshooting I had done, had me send some pictures of the inside of the laptop and then sent me a new top cover containing key board and touch pad.

It was super easy to install and fixed the problem. They absorbed the cost of the replacement cover and asked only that I sent the original back, for which they provided a paid postage label. They later followed up with me to make sure all was well. I really can’t say enough about their Customer Service!

A key determining factor to me was that the key board and the caps lock
did not illuminate. This said to me that it was not getting any power at all.
Apparently the touchpad does not respond until you are able to boot up, which I wasn’t. No function keys were working either. Only the little LEDs on the side, before the cover replacement.

That’s it. Best of luck to you!! I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


Susan :blush:


Many thanks for the punchline to that story, @SusanSez. My friend in France was greatly heartened. I’ve suggested she come on this forum while she waits to hear back from Framework support.

It seems to me it makes perfect sense to swap out the entire top cover rather than messing with a keyboard replacement and I’ve suggested to her that this is what she should be asking support for.