Keyboard Framework 16 - Only few keys working

Hello everyone,

I’m meeting some trouble with my Framework keyboard, and was wondering if someone had an idea about what to do.

I received my Framework 16 DIY AMD Ryzen 7040 recently (batch 17) and met some trouble starting from the setup. Keyboard doesn’t “really” work: only a few keys are working (such as “tab”, “a”, “q” and “c” - only a few keys of the left side of the keyboard)

I noticed the problem even before I tried to install Ubuntu on it, and that I had to access the BIOS to change the audio support to Linux. The F2 key wasn’t working and I couldn’t access the BIOS.

Since then, I had to use an external keyboard. Not perfect, but it works like a charm. There is no trouble with the touchpad.

I tried to change the configuration of the keyboard and spacers (as I have only spacer and no numpad module), but it’s always the same problem. I also removed/fixed again the midplate, and checked that the midplate cable was in place but didn’t notice any anomaly.

I contacted support but, will waiting for their answer, I was wondering if someone met the same trouble and if they did something which helped to solve it.

Here are some pictures of the keyboard:

(I found a similar post here: Only J and P keys working on keyboard but there wasn’t any return from the author about the solution which was reached)

I’d recommend cleaning the contacts while the device is off and ensuring that the modules are making full contact with the pogo pins. If they aren’t, your midplate might not be seated correctly in which case you should try to reseat it and screw it down in the proper order.

Thanks TheTRUEAsian for your answer.

Following your suggestions, I cleaned the keyboard contact using a lint-free cloth.

I also unscrewed the midplate (I already tried that - but another time can’t hurt) and re-installed it following the guide (2-17 screw order) and checking it is well inserted in the pins. Once I’m done, no screw seems to be more elevated than the midplate.

Reinstalling the keyboard, I see no change, the pogo pins seems to be fully in contact as there’s really little space between the midplate and the keyboard.

The only anomaly that I notice during this 3rd manipulation of the whole midplate-keyboard-touchpad operation is that the touchpad is slightly more elevated on its left upper corner than it was previously. This is surprising as the keyboard doesn’t really seems elevated on this side.

Here’s more pictures to illustrate:

Testing the keyboard, there’s unfortunately no change :confused:

Thank you again anyway :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, please contact Framework support.

Hi @ala-na,

Hard to say if it is an issue with the midplate or the keyboard module. I remember one user had an issue with the keyboard module (the ZIF connector or the cable was a little wonky) and I suspect others have had an issue with the midplate which could be the cable or the contacts themselves.

Hopefully support sends you a new midplate and keyboard module and that solves the issue.

They are better suited to test each individually once they get them back. If you had a numpad or macropad module it might be easier to narrow down which is causing the issue. Some of the keys working says something is making contact but not all the pins for it to work correctly.

While you are waiting and if you have time you might turn the midplate over and see if you spot anything odd. The spacers on mine stick up a little more on one side than the other; I swapped them a few times until I was happy with the little cosmetic change from touchpad to spacer.

Glad you can at least play around with your new machine. It just is not fully portable.

Sorry to hear that you experienced this. Please contact our support team and they can help you understand if there is an issue with the mid plate, keyboard or something else.

Thanks you all for your answers :slight_smile:

I contacted the support team last Friday and I waiting for them to get back at me, once they processed the previous inquiries.

Regarding your suggestion @pkunk, I already tried to inspect the midplate. I didn’t notice any obvious anomaly. the only odd noticeable thing is a small marker trace, which I doubt is the source of the problem.

Here are picture of the miplate (sorry for the bad lighting):

I’ll just wait for the support advice :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your time !