Keyboard Information on Github

I’m not exactly sure the best place for this request but since I’m using it to do a bit of DIY this made the most sense to me.

I’ll preface this by saying if this information is somewhere and I missed it forgive me. Kindly point me in the right direction. Please and thank you!

On the Github for the Framework 13 the only keyboard information seems to be a diagram of the pinouts for the keyboard. I’ve embarked on having the clear keyboard laser etched with legends, and then maybe fill that in with colors. Setup cost is going to be large because I have very little information. I’ve searched the forum and the best information I can find is a single STL file someone made of an F key. Also someone else mentioning in passing the font used is Noto Sans but no mention of which variant (Medium 500, or something else?). Neither of those sources official.

So the request is this. Framework folks please add to the github the keyboard’s font. Measurements of all keys. Any other information like the legends used for media keys etc. Bonus points for 3d models or schematics of each different type of key.

Thank you!