Keyboard ISO key ("<" in FR azerty) sensitivity issue

Hi, since a couple of days I noticed that the iso key on my french keyboard (the one on the right from the left SHIFT, corresponding to “<”) needs to be pressed harder that the others to record the typing. As I’m developping in PHP i have tons of -> to type so I noticed it straight away.

Is there a particular build on this key and I can do some maintenance on it ?

How long have you had your Framework? Has the issue been present since the beginning?
Note that the keycaps are not designed to be removed, they can be broken if you attempt to remove them.

Received my 13th Gen in June. I only started to notice this issue last week and this week was even more clear.

About the keycaps you’re telling me the only solution is to replace the keyboard ? To me this feels like a warranty issu, or shouldn’t be hard to repair as it’s only one switch that is misfiring.

I’d certainly reach out to support first if you were considering trying to remove the keycap.

But note that it may take extra time for support to get back to you. Support response times are longer than normal right now due to the launch of the Framework Laptop 16.

Yeah this definitely doesn’t seem normal. I’d try some compressed air first, as its possible that there’s some debris stuck in the key. If that doesn’t work, definitely contact support.

I wouldn’t try removing they keycap unless support tells you to, as it’s very fragile and likely to break the underlying mechanism if you attempt it.

Geee with a couple of good blows it did indeed seem to be better off. Funny it never happened on my keyboard before in 7 years :laughing: (thinkpad x260), especially considering I’m forbidding myself to eat in front of my FW to try and keep it clean as long as possible :smiley: