Keyboard Right Keycap Failing

So I’ve had my batch 1 12th gen DIY for about 2 months, loving it! I just noticed the other day after pulling it out of my bag the right arrow keycap was half popped out. I pressed it back into place with a click, and it seemed fine. Since then its half popped off a few more times while pressing it, and under closer scrutiny the key feels and sounds less snappy compared to all the other keys.

I’ve already looked around and am aware the keycaps are not intended to be removable and I never tried to remove the arrow key or any others.

Is there anything I can do to repair this key? It’s only been 2 months…is this something I can get warrantee replaced? It’s not missing any presses or anything but considering its failing already I worry for its longevity.

For the record and also because I am stocked about it. The bag in question is the LTT backpack I got at the popup shop. So not like we can claim the backpack failed me in any way :stuck_out_tongue:

You should contact support, they’ll help you out.

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For anyone else who sees this…I did reach out to support and they are sending me a new Input cover. So if you have the same thing definitely contact support. Godda love the easy modularity and repairability!

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