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Shall we manage the known issues by the community so that people can easily see the issues and optionally solutions? At least it’s still useful to list important issues only. I didn’t find any similar thread listing the “current” known issues.

Known issues

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Moderators (@2disbetter @Fraoch @Mirage), shall we change this thread to wiki?

Never had that issue on my 11 gen.

I think that depends upon expansion cards more that generation of CPU

I see. Interesting. What is your BIOS version?

Yeah, it was reported that it happens with some expansion cards except USB-C expansion cards.

I changed the table layout to list items to edit easily.

Started with 3.06 on 28th Feb this year updated to 3.07 so not real idea, then 3.08, then 3.09 and now 3.10. There has never been an issue with the main battery discharging when powered off.

The ongoing issue is the drain in sleep mode which relates to the other issue.

The expansion cards USB A | µSD card reader | The 256GB SSD all require acknowledgement from the main board when plugged in whether powered on or not, but do not actually drain the battery. The main board draws power form the mains supply if it connected.

Plugging in power brings the main board ‘alive’ which then connects to the expansion cards via some dubious protocol which use more power than makes sense.

The USB C cards are the only ones that seem not to cause a power drain. But as I said this is from the supply not the battery.

Or never had that realisation. (At times, it’s just a case of “You don’t know what you don’t know”)

@junaruga, “Known issues” - Does this thread cover “known issues”, or, “Only known issues with solution / workarounds / fixes”?

For example, we have the following thread, without any solution / fixes:


I intended the former, “known issues” including issues without solution / workarounds / fixes. Thanks for sharing the list of the known issues. It’s better to add the list to the first comment later.


Came here to add this one. Thanks! Would also like to put in
Headphone jack intermittent noise?


Moderators, do you have specific reasons why you don’t change this thread to the wiki? I can’t manage the list of the issues by myself alone.

You may have stepped a bit far.

Although people have issues they are not endemic to the 11th for example so a list is long, complex and not very representative from my experience. I’ve yet to find a problem.

Creating a wiki wouldn’t be my choice.

I see. I think the list is still helpful even when the list is long or complex and hard to maintain. We don’t need to aim for the complete up-to-date list. Just the prioritized list is still helpful. That’s how ArchWiki Framework Laptop’s troubleshooting session works.

What I want to solve by this thread is accessibility to the known issues by everyone. You are an active member of this forum, and maybe you know most of the issues reported on this forum. But not everyone does. Essentially this is to fill a gap between a user or potential customer’s expectation and reality.

I considered using the “issue” tag feature on this forum. But I have seen a change in the forum’s functionality is slow or none. And the tag doesn’t have priority on the list.


Adding this to the list:

And there’s this ‘behaviour’ with the fingerprint reader, with a great explanation (deserves a wiki entry):

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This fix has been mostly functional since applied. And I can re-apply if it trends worse:

Adding this issue, what seems to be a combination of TB display with / without power (lack of TB certification on Framework?), and x / wayland display detection (software):

And this, 12th Gen idle power consumption on Linux (issue with iGPU firmware not loading):
12th gen power management on Linux - Framework Laptop - Framework Community

And this, BIOS update resulting in needing a battery pull / mainboard reset:
All I/O devices/expansion cards stop working after updating to BIOS 3.10 on Manjaro Linux via LVFS - Framework Laptop / Linux - Framework Community

Happy for Framework that they’re launching another product (Chromebook)…
But I’m still waiting for a few things to be fixed / addressed / improved / optimized on the 11th gen laptop.

…and lately, I got official word that tau is not end-user adjustable. :frowning: