Laptop Doesn't Accept my Framework 180W Power Supply

I’m using the 16" laptop and yesterday it wouldn’t power on at all. After finally trying to supply power with my phone charger I at least got some LED’s lighting up. I was then able to power on and install windows 11, update the BIOS, get the drivers, etc. After all this it still wouldn’t accept any charge from the provided power supply.

Based on community tips and tricks I reset the BIOS from the motherboard, disconnected the battery and reconnected, updated and restarted a thousand (ish) times, tried a handful of different BIOS settings, and it still won’t receive any power at all from my power supply.

I then thought that my power supply must be bad, so I plugged it into my phone just to see what would happen, and my phone started charging fine… So now I’m not sure where the problem lies.

It is likely unrelated, but my trackpad also wasn’t working in the center position, I moved it to the left and now it works there.

Some people mentioned letting it charge up a bit and then switch to the power supply. I fully charged it last night with a nintendo switch charger, and still no dice.

Please let me know if I’m missing anything here!

Which port are you plugging into?

I’ve tried all of them, with and without the USB-C expansion card. Same result.

Hi @Chris_Martineau,

You are likely having an issue with the 180W power supply, the charging cable that came with it, or possibly both.

Contact support to create a ticket so they can help you get one or both pieces replaced.

When you plugged your phone in, it likely just saw the 5V from the charger and started charging normally. Unfortunately, there is a lot more behind the scenes with a USBC Power Deliver (PD) charger. It may output 5V all day long at various current outputs, yet the circuitry that handles higher voltages or the communication to switch to higher voltages may not be working correctly.

The charging cable that came with it also has a chip in it to let the charger and the laptop know it is capable of higher power output.

You could try a high quality cable and see if it will power the laptop. It will be limited to I think 30 or 60W though. (I have had the best luck with the better Anker brand USBC cables)

In the interim, you can charge the laptop from a lower power charger it will just not charge as fast of course and may not be able to keep up if you are using the FW16 and it has a load on it.

(I.e. the battery will start to loose its charge because the charger is limited in its output and just can not keep up)

Just to rule out the charger hasn’t stuck itself in a “sleep” mode: unplug it from the AC power; count to ten, and plug it back in. One user from the EU said he was having issues and it turned out unplugging it from the AC power and waiting a little while woke the thing back up and it started working again!

Congrats on your FW16! They are an amazing little machine. Get a support ticket in so they can help resolve it. Let us know how it turns out. :smiley:

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