Laptop Fails to Turn On

Hi! I have recently encountered a hard issue with my laptop, it will not power on, even when plugged into the wall for an hour to ensure battery charge.
After following steps to unplug the battery, hold power button, and plug the battery back in. After doing this, it now throws a diagnostic code at me which is as follows:
From what I can gather, the CPU fails to deassert Sleep S4, and subsequently fails to reach S0 state. Post Code is 0x00 with all bits being a green flash.

What other steps can I take?

Would that be the main battery?
Did you also unplug the RTC/CMOS/button battery? (You can give that a try if you haven’t done so)

Essentially, with any power on issue, first thing to do (what I do) is a mainboard reset, follow by plugging it in and charging for an hour or two. Then power up (while leaving it on charge).

BTW, are you a 12th gen system owner, or an 11th gen?

11th gen board

Forgot to do that, did so, and the laptop now boots again. Thanks for the reminder! I wish Framework Support’s KB guide on the 11th gen laptops mentioned “if checking the battery connection does not solve it, unplug the main battery AND the CMOS battery for a minute, then plug everything back in.”

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Glad to hear it’s now working again.