Locked in sleep with fan on

I left my framework plugged in and unused for several days and when I unplugged it (with the lid still closed) the fan turned on. When I opened it up the power light was solid but the screen wasn’t on. I tried holding power button to see if it would do a reboot but 30 seconds and that didn’t do anything. I let it run for about 5 minutes with no change so decided to open it up and disconnect the battery. It started with power button after reassembled.

Anyone else see this before?
Anything that can be done to prevent it?
Any better way to restart it if it gets into this condition?
Do you guys report this kind of thing to Framework (other than just posting here)? How?

ps. not sure if it would mattered since OS was innactive, but I’m not sure if it was sleeping in Windows 10 or Fedora 35. Could’ve been either. Do you guys think OS would have anything to do with this?

Found another thread where people in various Linux distributions are having similar wake-from-sleep issues. No mention of the fan behaviour but the rest seems about the same. I’ll get involved in that conversation if this ever happens again.