Laptop does not always sleep when shut

Hello everyone. On more than one occasion I’ve opened my Framework to a blue screen indicating that there was “nothing on storage device” (I’m paraphrasing, of course).

I think what is going on is that on occasion I shut the laptop, expecting it to sleep per usual, and instead it keeps running. Eventually the fan comes on at a very high rate, until finally it overheats and shuts itself down. It runs VERY hot when it does this, but is quickly remedied by pressing and holding the power button and resetting.

I worry about my data (I’ve lost some documents that were left open when this happens), and the effect on the hardware.



Are you using a Western Digital SN850? There is a known issue with that model of SSD that is fixed by a firmware update.


That could be it. I’ll have to open her up to see what I’ve got. Do you know a way to get the HD model from settings?

Ok just checked - mine is a WD_BLACK SN750 SE 1TB.

I’ll check about firmware updates. Thanks for this, hopefully it does the trick.