Laptop not starting

After months of reliable service from my DIY, I woke up this morning and my screen was black. The power light was lit but pressing the button did nothing. When I opened it up, the only thing I see that might provide a clue are two red lights flashing in the upper corners.

The only other symptom I can think of (but I’m not sure it’s related) is that the laptop has been feeling warm to the touch the past few weeks, but I
can’t say for sure that it was abnormally hot and was an actual problem.

Any suggestions? It’s very odd, as the laptop had been working perfectly.

My DIY has 1185-G7 CPU with 64 GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro. I use it for a lot of large Excel model builds.

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How long had you used it plugged into the mains before this?

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The red flashing lights are likely the chassis intrusion detection. I’d recommend contacting support to get some help, and to check all the connections to the mainboard to make sure everything is securely connected. This could also be the CMOS battery issue, in which case a mainboard reset is also a troubleshooting option.

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This does seem like it could be Windows not waking from sleep properly. Have you tried holding the power button to force shutdown, or plugging the laptop in to see if it needed to charge? Obvious first steps for some, but everyone skips the simple steps sometimes in favor of solutions they think will work better.