Screen not turning on

Hello , I got the framework laptop 13 i5 13th gen diy, put all the components in myself and it was working fine till today. I powered on the laptop and got a blank screen, put on my fingerprint and sure enough logged me into Windows just fine. I heard the sound of logging me in. The laptop has been handled with care so no drops or hits. What should I do?

I would open the case and make sure the display cable is plugged in securely and not obviously pinched or damaged. Maybe even try reseating it.

If all that is good and it’s still not working, I’d reach out to Framework support.

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Update - I reseated the cable and it worked again for that day. I came back 2 days later and turned on the laptop same problem. Reseated the cable and turned it on again. The laptop was on my bed the entire time, literally doing nothing. The laptop was shut off, so I think it may be a driver issue idk and I will be reaching out to support. Thank you for the reply though.