Laptop unresponsive, from sleep state

I’ll start by saying that I fixed this issue by removing and putting back the cmos battery, and I’m more interested in ideas for why this happened.

I have installed an unmodified version of arch linux, xorg, etc…
Downgrade kernel to 5.12.15-arch1-1 x86_64, and linux-firmware to 20210716.b7c134f (because bluetooth driver issues) but otherwise up to date.

  1. I closed the laptop (I have not modified the default behavior of this, but it seems to put the laptop into a sleep state).
  2. I then left the laptop in this state unplugged for approximately 2 days.
  3. When I returned I saw:
    a. No response upon opening the laptop lid.
    b. Upon pressing the power button, the power button light turned on, the lights on the side flashed white, and maby green. No response from the screen.
    c. After 10-ish seconds, all lights turned off.
    d. I plugged in the laptop, charging light was orange, power button and screen were unresponsive.
    e. The laptop charged for aprox. 30 mins, the charging light turned white, power button and screen were unresponsive.
    f. I opened the laptop, two red flashing leds, unplugged and replugged battery, red flashing leds went away, power button and screen unresponsive, red leds return upon pressing power button.
    g. I removed 1 stick (of 2), unplugged and replugged the battery, unresponsive, red leds returned.
    h. I removed and replugged the cmos battery, unplugged and replugged battery, red leds returned, power button light upon press, both side leds are green (memory training mode). System boots normally.

Any one else have this problem?
I don’t know what to make of this, any ideas what would cause this?
Is there something I can change to prevent this?

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I’m glad you get it fixed. I wonder what the color lights mean at the side. I noticed that too when turning it on while connected to docking station but not always. From white to green then back to white then off. I’ve been searching in support page about light codes but i did not see any.

@shogun - I think that this is what you are looking for: My Framework Laptop is not powering on

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Thanks for the detailed recording of steps. We’re trying to root cause this and related issues that get resolved by resetting the RTC battery powered subsystem.

@lbkNhubert Thanks for a quick reply and the link. This is what I’m looking for. :grinning: :+1:

Hi there!

Just wanted to come along to say I encounter the same problem; the computer would not start. The side connected to the power supply gave off an orange LED, and I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. After removing and reinstalling the CMOS battery, both side LEDs flashed red until I put the input cover back on. Now it boots!

Not sure if all DIY laptops are like this, but my battery was also disconnected when I first opened the machine. Weird huh?

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