Lavender and missing preview

I miss, when configuring the Framework 16, the Lavender and Color shifting preview.

How am I supposed to know, if I like a color, when I can’t see it?

That’s quite literally it’s only purpose. xD

Also the orange slider can not be previewed, I am able to imagine it based on the orange bezel, I guess.

Is there any place, where I can look how these modules actually look?

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I had the same struggle. I initially though I could like lavender, but could not find any “representative” preview.

Finally found one after digging. On the presentation page, in the Module tab (Framework | Choose Framework Laptop 16 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040), down to the Bezel section, in the third picture you see the Lavender color a bit more.

From that I decided I did not liked it ;D.

Fro color shift, on that same page, just above the Bezzel section you have the Input Modules section, with one picture of spacers with what seems to include the color shift one.

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Why do they do this. That is ridiculous

The struggles of people who can’t picture things in their head… :melting_face:

I joke, but it’s real.
Aphantasia - Wikipedia
It seems some people have varying levels of it.

To make it easier for others to see them all on one page

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I agree, better previews would be very appreciated. For the colors they list, it’s hard to see what it would actually look like irl. I’ve seen some youtube videos of framework 16 announcements and the spacers in those look dramatically different, for example in the verge preview, it appears they might have a glossy/metallic kind of finish to them? The ones at the timestamp I linked also look more red than orange to me, not sure if it’s due to the lighting or if the orange is a darker shade and combined with the shininess maybe it looks red.

As far as color shift I’m also very confused about it, quoting the same video at this timestamp, it says “The orange-red color shift looks great. Patel says it’ll color shift all the way to blue when it’s final.” So what does that mean? Are all the spacers “color shifting”? What determines what colors they shift to? I’m very confused, and it seems a bit of an oversight if potential customers have to look through a bunch of youtube reviews just to figure out what it is that they’re preordering. If pictures aren’t available (spacers not finalized yet) then at least a text description of each of them would help.

I put in a preorder just to get in line and chose black for now as a safe option but if we get clarification on what these look like and what color shift is I might have to ask support to change my configuration.

I believe the spacer at your time link is the color shift spacer, not the orange spacer.
And only the spacer labeled “Color shift” should be color shifting.

As to what determines which color you see, with color shifting materials it usually changes depending on the angle you are looking at it from.

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I see, if it’s the color shift spacer that’s good to know (it does make me wonder whether the other colors will have a similar metallic finish though even if they don’t shift colors). It’s also confusing though because there’s a quote about blue, but color shift image from framework you show looks pretty green to me, so is it going to go from red to green to blue, or just red to blue without green? Real pictures would help a lot here, both for color shift spacers and the solid colors.

They say “Pick your favorite colors, match your Bezel, or choose alternative materials.” So I would expect the orange and lavender spacers to match the orange and lavender bezels very closely. The bezels don’t seem to have any metallic finish.

I think they will probably give us more accurate pictures and video of the color shift spacers when they get the final production version.

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Please, for the love of god, do you think its reasonable to add images of an item, that is literally all about the optics?

You did fail on this since the very inception of this company, its about time.

For the record, just to clear up confusion, this problem exists only in the configure Laptop page. Previews exist in marketplace listing for the bezel, just an FYI.