(Linux) Bottom and right parts of keyboard not working


I’m having a recent issue with my laptop where some specific keys on the bottom row of the keyboard are not working, such as all letters z-m, ,.?', shift, enter, spacebar, ctrl, fn, win, alt, and for some reason, the up and down keys (the left and right ones work just fine), f8, and delete.

I am very confused as to why only these specific keys are not working, and the issue seems to come out of nowhere, although I had opened up the laptop a bit before so it’s possible I could have damaged the touchpad cable on the mainboard side. However, the touchpad and fingerprint reader work just fine.

I run Ubuntu 22.04 on a batch 2 11th gen laptop. I have tried reseating the touchpad cable, resetting bios (the problem persists even in the bios menu), and an external keyboard works just fine if I connect one. The problem persists on all apps. The keyboard had worked fine for me for the 2 years I’ve had the laptop until just last week. My bios version is 3.17.

I am not too familiar with computers but I will try my best. Thank you in advance for any advice or help,


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Did the problem start soon after the last time you opened the laptop?

I’d suggest inspecting your touchpad cable for kinks or other damage. The way keyboard signals are sent on the FWL13 means that a break in one or more wires could cause problems with just specific keys. A kink can cause a wire trace to break in the thin flat cables used.


I believe those keys have a couple wires in common. Fn is an outlier tho.
Any other keys? The q key?


What you’re saying is probably right, since the fn key does seem to work and the q key doesn’t work. I took a look and I can see that there’s a barely visible tear in the cable at the bend! I will definitely have to be more careful opening up the laptop in the future.

I thought I might have ruined the connection point, but I did not think about the wire itself. I will look into getting a replacement. Thanks for your quick analysis and help.

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That fits then. Two broken wires should affect the keys which aren’t working for you.


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