[RESPONDED] Specific keys on keyboard not registering or working


I have contacted support regarding this but I would like to ask the community if anyone has experienced this problem with their Framework laptop. Currently, specific keys do not register or work on my laptop, namely: T, Y, O, Windows Key, and Tab. This issue has been OS agnostic for me as I’ve booted both Fedora 37 Workstation and Windows 10 on 2 separate SSDs. I have done the following:

  • Bought a new keyboard from the marketplace (the same keys still do not work)
  • Reseat the main and CMOS battery
  • Reseat all connectors found in the input cover (touchpad, keyboard, fingerprint sensor, and the main cable)

I do not qualify for warranty as I bought the laptop using a forwarding service (a risk I willingly and knowingly chose to take). Any further help would be appreciated. Thank you!

You will probably also find F6, F9 and F12 to be broken[^1], which suggests that the pin for KSI3 on the input cover connector is damaged or missing.

[^1]: Source for key layout


Thanks for this! That seems to be the case as well.

Do you happen to know where the culprit lies with the connector or how I could find it myself? Is it where the connector meets the input cover, the connector itself, or where the connector meets the mainboard?

You’d need to reach out to support for an issue that is clearly the keyboard.

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The error is likely at the keyboard membrane cable, either at the cable or at the connector. Or between the input cover and the mainboard (the left connector on the previous image). Other possible (but more unlikely) error locations are the keyboard itself or the input cover board itself (where the keyboard membrane cable plugs in).

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