Linux Fan Control

I was looking around, but haven’t found a solution, but there are two threads on this issue: one linked here, and another one linked here.

I know that there’s fancontrol, and other tools like corectrl and such, but none of them expose the settings for adjusting the fan curve. I also tried looking into the files in /sys/class/thermal/cooling_device*. Unless I’m looking at the wrong place, none of them control the fan either.

Does anyone know how to control the fan speed aside from setting TDP?

I don’t mind the fan noise, but I just want to have my fan at 100% when I’m playing games.


Did you find the solution?

I would like to have a more aggressive fan curve without care for noise too.

Unfortunately, no, I haven’t found a solution yet.

You can control the fan speed directly with ectool. My guide is a bit outdated, as you no longer need to disable Secure Boot so long as you are using kernel 5.19+.


Does it work for 12th Gen models? I assume it is universal.


Is there something which can be used for 12th gen?