Linux Mint 21.3 Blank Screen with mouse pointer during gaming

Running into an issue on my Framework 13, here’s some details:

  • Linux Mint 21.3
  • 12th Gen
  • Framework 13
  • Steam
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Proton 9.0-1

Issue: When playing No Man’s Sky, normally everything works well, decent FPS, a little hot, but after about 30 minutes, the screen goes black, but the mouse pointer still appears and works. The keyboard is lit up, and nothing else works. I have to eventually hold the power button down until it hard resets.

I’ve tried letting it sit for a while, the laptop seems a little hot, but nothing too wild, and when it sits it eventually cools off but never recovers. I’ve put Windows on it, and I let NMS run for about 15 minutes, but it doesn’t appear to happen. I’m not sure if I let it sit long enough but it’s happened twice now while son plays it with Linux Mint 21.3

I’m a long time linux user, so I’m ok to troubleshoot it, but nothing is really obvious and I have to reboot to get to anything so I’m not sure what data I can gather.

I’m running the 6.5.0-35.generic kernel, and everything is up to date. Any ideas?

Go into your BIOS and set the iGPU RAM to UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED

I checked and I don’t see that setting in my BIOS. It’s 13, w/ 3.08 update. Is that setting AMD only?