LIST: AMD 13 Issues

Just wanted to catalog the issues I am seeing here, not all of them seem to map to existing threads (but please point out if they do!)

I was extremely excited for this release, but unfortunately I’m finding it bordering on less functional than my 6+ year old thinkpad carbon X1 6th gen.

  • lid close sleep does not work reliably: machine will often stay awake with lid closed, sometimes even with keyboard lights on, this of course leads to unexpected out of battery events
  • sporadic spontaneous screen locks: sometimes the lock screen will come on while I’m actively using the machine, occasionally this will happen 10x in a row after ~30 seconds of normal work each time
  • fingerprint scanner is near useless and login flow is weird w Ubuntu: my fingerprint scans correctly maybe 25% of the time; the way that password unlock works from lock screen (input password THEN you get prompted for fingerprint, which fails most of the time) is very frustrating
  • inexplicable lockups/stuttering in Chromium browsers, simply scrolling around or entering text will have multi-second delay, both chromium task manager and htop don’t show anything pegging – the CPU/GPU process load is unexpectedly high under light use (20%+ GPU under normal browsing with no video playing) but there’s plenty of headroom on RAM, CPU, GPU but it feels like using an underpowered machine with too many tabs
  • unable to wake: happens fairly regularly, machine with plenty of battery opens to a black screen, hitting power button once does nothing, holding for short time will get it to blink but no other effect, long press hard shutdowns and then sometimes multiple long presses are needed to get it to show any life – sometimes this process takes ~10 minutes to get to anything resembling a boot screen

OS is latest Manic and all kernel and firmware everything installed up to date. Is this a typical experience?

I understand that this is a newer platform and would really like to see it work given how performant and stable my 3800 desktop is with the same OS etc. However it is currently bordering on unusable, as brief periods of excellent performance are overshadowed by wondering if today is the day that my system will simply not work.

There are some things I can’t speak to in that list. First, I don’t use the fingerprint reader at all. So I can’t comment on its performance. Also, I don’t use a Chromium browser. I use Firefox.

Other than that, I don’t experience any of those issues. I’m running Fedora 39. I don’t do anything super strenuous with it, but I do use it every day. Web browsing, listening to music, moving files around, photo editing, word processing. Just general tasks like that. The only issue I’ve had is that twice (in the months I’ve had the machine), when waking from sleep the Wi-Fi wouldn’t show any available networks. There’s probably another way I could have gotten it to come back but both times I just rebooted and it was fine again. And bear in mind, I’ve gone weeks with multiple sleep/wake cycles a day without issues and without rebooting. So it’s not a big deal and nothing like what you are experiencing.

I’m sorry you seem to be having so many issues. That sounds super frustrating. I can’t say it’s a typical experience. It certainly hasn’t been mine.

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Using Ubuntu 23.10 here, upgraded from an original 22.04 installation. I’m not familiar with this fingerprint behaviour but I found too the default fingerprint authentification a little annoying. I have set up fingerprint authentication with 3 tries and a timeout. Most programs use the authentification modules specified in /etc/pam.d/common-auth. My option for are max-tries=3 timeout=5.

Framework officially supports only 22.04 with oem kernel (see their guide). But i’m using mantic with almost no issue. Only tweaks are some kernel cmdline options, the most important one is amdgpu.sg_display=0 (I also have amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xffffffff vt.handoff=1 but these options should not matter).

I (and presumably others) had this behavior earlier. Root cause is a spurious (but kind of “needed”?) keyboard interrupt at lid close time. Details in this thread:

Kernel patches that went into 6.7 (and were backported in some 6.6.x version too in Fedora) addressed this:

Before this fix was available in the kernel this workaround applied:

Not familiar with Ubuntu these days so I don’t know if the kernel you’re using has these patches. It does seem that you “need” the oem D kernel, IIRC, to have all the FW-related fixes in Ubuntu. I’ll leave it to other Ubuntu users and/or FW to provide more specifics.

On GPU issues and potentially also the failure to wake up: There’s also a known issue with the GPU and its video decoding firmware that means, in effect, once you play video that exercises the hardware VP9 decoder the GPU becomes unstable. This should be fixed when the just-released GPU firmware update makes it to your distro’s repos:

Edit: Also on video/display issues, +1 on amdgpu.sg_display=0 for now. Real fix seems to be coming with 6.8 as of -rc6:


As someone who not just uses a fingerprint sensor on the framework but also a third party one on my PC, I had the same problem on both. I figured out some tips on how to set it up better. I reduced my fail rate from about 75% to under 25%.

  • Set yourself and your Framework in a Position, you would usually try to unlock it.
  • While registering your finger, add a firm amount of pressure to your finger (not to much, you don’t want to press the button)
  • While registering your finger, try to focus on the main parts of your finger. Don’t try to twist and turn the finger like crazy to make it register different parts of the finger that will properly never touch the sensor again. Try to instead make it better on recognizing the main part of you finger, that will touch the sensor the most.
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These two are probably related. The lid closed sensor is part of the PCB that has the headphone socket on it. So any magnet just over the headphone socket can lock/shutdown the screen, e.g. a watch band or other item. Some people report problems because their cell phone is sitting right beside the speaker socket with the strap magnet operating the sensor without them realising.

And as to not shutting down on lid close, check to see if the magnet in the screen surround is properly fixed in place. People have reported having to glue them back in.

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I came here looking for a solution to “sporadic spontaneous screen locks” and have confirmed exactly what’s described. I have a magnetic money clip that I usually keep in my left front pocket. When I would set the laptop on my lap, the magnet would be very close to the headphone socket. Mystery Solved!