Lost bluetooth overnight

7840u, win11 AMD drivers
So, last night my comp goes to sleep with blutooth working, and today I wake it to find I no longer have bluetooth.

In device manage it’s showing up as not connected and only shows up when I enable show hidden devices.

Reboot has not fixed anything, figured I’d post before I try a driver reinstall.
Might be related.

Well I managed to fix it for now. Rebooted, went into BIOS>Security>wifi and bluetooth toggled to off, rebooted into BIOS again, BIOS>Security>wifi and bluetooth toggled back on. Reboot back into windows and it’s working.
Was this a BIOS issue if that worked then?

All I know is that this wouldn’t be enough information to make that determination. It certainly could have been. As someone who has worked in tech support, I’ve often observed one system revealing issues with another. Root causing is an intensive process, and may require reproducing the issue. Thank you for sharing how you dealt with the issue!

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