LTT: World Exclusive: Upgrading my Laptop to AMD

Upgrading to 7000 Ryzen and talking about cooler master case.


Good job @nrp , that Linus guy sure doesn’t mind breaking or dropping the simplest things… but he couldn’t!


Very nice highlight of the Coolermaster case in the middle.

Excellent work adding space for the audio module and WiFi card. The nice thing is you don’t have to have them, since you can duplicate the functionality with expansion cards.

There’s an audio/headphone jack card in the offing already due to the 16. I wonder if a radio card will be as well?

I love that little stand wedge. Maybe it can be modified to host an external antenna or two?

I think it’ll look awesome sitting on a desk. Much more stylish than a USFF black box…


I know it’s a small company, and that the supply chain is still not at 100%. But I had hoped a relatively simple product like like the cm case wouldn’t have had what’s going to end up like a 6+ month delay between announcement and availability.

Surprised they haven’t even opened it to preorder to gauge how many to make.

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LoL…@6:10…reminds me of this:


I never really thought about the gaming performance potential of ryzen which got a callout in the vid - is that why so many people wanted it?

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I believe so! The iGPU is roughly 2x stronger than the best Intel iGPU in the Framework iirc.


Lookup RDNA3…

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Maybe the minority, but I think the greater appeal of Ryzen CPU is their relatively better efficiency compared to equivalent gen. Intel, which is easier on the battery, resulting in better autonomy.


RDNA3 steps into performance region that Iris Xe can’t reach…without going into the dGPU pricing…and therefore still very battery / mobile friendly while providing what used to be dGPU use case.

Look up Asus Ally…that’s based on RDNA3 graphics.

That is, AMD is saying: Hey look over here, we can give you very playable gaming experience at a lower price point, while having you still travelling light, and don’t need to stay next to the wall for power.

Plus, look at the multicore performance between the Ryzen 7840u and the 1370p:
Ryzen 7840u:

Not a big gap at all.


Seems there’s an interesting video coming?


From the video, it looks like the new AMD motherboard is not from Taiwan?!

What part of the video are you referring to? I did not get that.


~ 12:10 of the video, as he flipped over the motherboard, I could see the print where his thumb is.

I wouldn’t trust anything in the video to this end given that the board was an engineering sample. It even had Intel markings on it despite being AMD.

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I did not notice that. Well… it makes sense not to read deep into the video then.

LoL…LTT releasing fake news content?

Likely some kind of engineering sample as you’ve said.

Vendor is GCE, the board is MIC. Wonder what logistics / supply chain security controls are put in place. (Likely nothing as elaborated as HPE…at least the marketing materials)

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Speaking of the Framework | Cooler Master Mainboard Case, now that it is available… who is going to be the first to do some thermal testing for us?


Thanks for the info. I managed to glance over the email yesterday. Will be a home for my 11th gen. Laptop will stay empty until AMD.

q3 starts in July. I wonder if shipping will start early July. I can’t wait.

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