M.2 2280 slot is displays intermittently

Hi all,

My framework laptop 16 is configured with both M.2 slots filled.
my OS is installed in the M.2 2230 slot with my other M.2 2280 acting as a spare/scratch drive.

I’ve noticed that sometimes my M.2 2280 drives shows up intermittently.

Troubleshooting done:

  • Reseated the M.2 slot (17/04/2024)
  • Downloaded ‘western digital dashboard’ software and completed firmware update on both M.2 drives (17/04/2024)

Seems to go away if I reset my framework. Anyone else having a similar issue.

UPDATE BIOS to version 3.03 for Framework laptop 16 and the issue will be resolved.
Framework Laptop 16 BIOS and Driver Releases

General information:
M.2 2230 - 1TB Western digital black
M.2 2280 - 4TB Western digital black

This is a known issue with the launch BIOS. (Source: Framework Laptop 16 BIOS and Driver Releases)

Might have to update the BIOS to fix it.

Thanks @cr_nch, I just did this before reading your post. For those who want a link to the latest BIOS here is the link: How to check the BIOS version on Windows/Linux/BIOS

I’d also like to know if they will update to the new BIOS for any pre-order batches or wait until they are all done and just switch to the updated BIOS for ones made after that? I’d like mine to come with the updated BIOS already installed, but I’m per-order Batch 17.

They will certainly put that into production at some point, but these things take time. Especially since it’s usually done when manufacturing the mainboard, so it takes some time until the current stock has all been run through.
If I were you I would check the BIOS version when receiving the laptop no matter what.

I imagine it will be updated as time goes by. If it helps the BIOS upgrade was hands off and only took about 5 minutes or so.

I suspect that they already have 100’s of mainboards created with the old BIOS and don’t have the capacity to update all of them.